Home » Entertainment » “Illegal 2 has many talented actors welcoming me and I didn’t mind the attention,”. Tanuj Virwani on being the latest entrant in the Neha Sharma and Piyush Mishra starrer legal drama

Illegal 2 is currently on air and the web series is finding some good appreciation coming its way, something that was expected after the success of the first season which set the stage for a tense courtroom drama. While the stakes have gone higher this time around, courtesy the central protagonist Neha Sharma taking on her mentor Piyush Mishra by opening a rival law firm, there is certain newness that comes into the proceedings with Tanuj Virwani, the man of all seasons, stepping in as her love interest.

“Well, I am a fresher on this show,” says Tanuj in his charming style, “As a character I am new to the world of Illegal. In fact I happen to be one of the few characters in there who is actually not a lawyer. Otherwise you see every principle character in the show as a lawyer or in the court. This is where all the heavy duty comes on. There is so much of tension in there as well and this is where I bring in a whiff of fresh air. I really enjoyed playing that part.”

For the man who has already been seen in multiple web series like The Tattoo Murders, Murder Meri Jaan, Tandoor and Cartel this year, 2021 has been an ultra busy year for Tanuj with Illegal 2 already playing and The Inside Edge arriving on the coming Friday.

“Illegal 2 has been an amazing experience, especially since I love working with Samar Khan. I have already done Code M with him. His work ethics are great and hence it was a no brainer for me to step into Illegal 2. It’s a well made show and I am personally a big fan of many actors in there. There is so much of talent in there that I didn’t even have to worry about the script,” says Tanuj.

He is not a central character in the show though and as a new entrant is making a space for himself with good expectations of the third season going on floors soon as well.

“See; you have to be mindful of the space that you are in. Let’s face it, this is basically Neha and Piyush’s show. Still, web series ki duniya inti kamaal ki hai that you can still contribute in the longer format even if you are not the central character. Illegal 2 is the first show in my career where I have not entered on the ground floor. Otherwise in all my other shows, I have been there from season one itself. Here, others were there to welcome me in and I didn’t mind the attention,” he smiles.

Well, rest assured, he can well be aiming for all the more attention coming his way, when Inside Edge 3 arrives on Amazon Prime on the coming Friday.