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Call it unfortunate but India has now reached a stage where it is setting daily records, and that too nothing less than worldwide, when it comes to COVID-19 infection cases. With single day spikes going past the very threatening 80000 mark, Kartik Aaryan – the actor who first came up with his campaign to make people aware about the threat being real – has been left fuming.

“He may come across as quite naughty on screen and of late has also delved into being a lover boy. However, he isn’t someone who is forever in ‘masti’ and ‘mazaa’ mood. He is in fact quite appalled to see lax attitude amongst so many out there who are just not taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously, and that too when there are 4 million people who have been infected already,” says a friend of the actor.

Being a student of biotechnology and the son of doctor parents, he understands the dynamics of the virus and this is the reason why he was one of the first ones to come up with a Pyaar Ka Punchnama style campaign where he delivered a monologue on keeping one safe from the virus. While the monologue went viral and many appreciated the manner in which Kartik conveyed the message in his own inimitable style and that too in the mode of entertainment, he has been left wondering if beyond the fun and humor, are people really practicing safety?

“He is at his wits end to see many out there still not wearing masks, going out in open as if it’s a walk in the park, not using sanitizers and conducting themselves in public as if there is nothing that has changed in this world,” the friend adds.

No wonder, he unleashed his sarcasm in a recent social media post where he said:

Thanx to everyone who have said these lines – 

“ tum log na bade phattu ho”

“dekh jo hona hai vo toh hona hai”

“Corona ke chakkar mein kaam thodi na ruk jayega”


At his end, Kartik has been doing everything in his capacity to keep the awareness going, what with his hit online series ‘Koki Puchega’ bringing frontline citizens in front of the ‘aam junta’ and educating them on the menace of the virus, albeit in a light hearted tone.

“He may be disheartened by the current turn of events but he is not giving up,” a close associate of Kartik Aaryan adds, “The need of the hour is not to drop your shoulders but further go on the front foot to educate and enlighten people. He will definitely up the ante to make this happen. Watch out for what he brings next. Stay tuned.”

We will, for sure.