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In the current OTT space when youngsters come together for a web series, it is expected to be fun-n-frolic with frivolous elements thrown in. However, the very promo of Indori Ishq made it quite apparent that this Samit Kakkad directed web series would be anything but frivolous. It conveyed something dark and stark in the offering, despite the fact that at the core of it there was a romantic tale in the offering. The question though being asked was, ‘How should a man react if the woman who he is deeply and madly love with ditches him without a reason?’

This could well be a Luv Ranjan film on steroids, though there isn’t anything funny about the manner in which youngster Ritwik Sahore realizes that that the girl he is in love with since Class 10th, Vedika Bhandari, hadn’t quite taken long distance relationship seriously. As he moves on from his comfort zone of Indore to prepare for Merchant Navy in Mumbai, all the love evaporates from the life of his lady love. Even though he resists all the temptations that his flat-mate Aashay Kulkarni offers, he stays committed, only to realize that it was for nothing.

The good part about the story is that it evolves right through, even as it moves back and forth in time and then starts progresses further at a steady pace with several twists and turns. Indori Ishq starts with a murder that is about to take place and soon gets into a zone where Ritwik is shown to be in a truly dark space. While he channelizes his inner Kabir Singh by being a distraught youngster drowning his life in drugs and booze, there is a Dev D feel too as he meets his Chandramukhi in the form of friendly broker cum hooker Donna Munshi.

He plays it all cool in a style that reminds one of Emraan Hashmi and with all the filmy angles making the proceedings dramatic and entertaining, there is also ample sex and language element thrown in. This is where I would admit that all of this seems rather unnecessary in the bigger scheme of things since just a hint of that too would have allowed the story to be as interesting, considering the core subject matter that the team had at hand. Hence, to have cuss words in practically every dialogue and to have each woman disrobe herself seemed forced.

However, ignore these aspects of the storytelling and what impresses a lot about Indori Ishq is the manner in which Samit Kakkad effectively brings on technical elements come into play. He has a sharp eye for visuals, something that is apparent in the montage sequences during the first 10 minutes of the pilot episode itself. No wonder, despite the dark theme of the web series, you are not put off since there is certain style element that comes in. Moreover, he integrates music well into the narrative as well, and it is sheer nostalgia to hear Altaf Raja.

The original song that impresses is ‘Iss Qadar Pyaar Hai’ which plays when Ritwik finds love again. A rather long montage sequence is placed around this song and it is beautifully done. Moreover, it is also beautiful to see the kind of tender moments that he shares with Donna and also another friendly neighbor Tithi Raj who offers him another chance to find love. As for his camaraderie with the boys of the gang, it is even better as what plays between him with Aashay (in Mumbai) and Dheer Hira (in Indore) is plain natural, minus the cuss words though.

Still, it’s the emotional violence in Indori Ishq that catches your attention the most. You feel for Ritwik as he goes through the motions and though many of his actions seem unjustified and exaggerated (why would be really kill himself one day after another, and his friends and family would allow that is beyond comprehension), at the end of it all the web series has its heart at the right place. You catch the drama with complete attention with highly dramatic emotions of unrequited love presented in stark reality yet entertaining manner.

Each and every actor totally nails the part. Ritwik Sahore is a rare actor to have graduated so very well from being a child actor (Ferrari Ki Swaari, Dangal) to a young adult. Vedika Bhandari is every bit the bewitching young woman who could turn around at the most unexpected moment. She is perfect for the part. Donna Munshi does well without turning crass while Tithi Raaj is that young attractive woman next door who is adorable. 

As for especially Aashay and even Dheer, they are absolutely relatable, super confident, and also practical. Rest assured, all men can identify the duo as friends that they had during school and college days. Relatable!

Of course, Indori Ishq is meant for adults-only viewing and hence it also wants you to declare that you are 18+ before playing it on. There is abundance of cuss words, and graphically explicit scenes are also aplenty which may make a few uncomfortable. However, if stark portrayal of what happens to a broken heart is your taste then go for this one which is currently playing on MX Player!