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Suchismita was four years old when she started learning Hindustani classical music. That explains the discipline and devotion she has towards music. In her eventful career as a vocalist, she has collaborated with several renowned names in the industry like A. R. Rahman, Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy and Pritam among others.

In this interview, she talks about journey as a singer and a musician, popular songs, recently released tracks, receiving guidance of A. R. Rahman, importance of formal training and more.

It’s been a month since ‘Damaru’, a devotional song centred around Lord Shiva released. The track was a confluence of many interesting sounds. It had an interesting bass guitar section by Mohini along with an eclectic rap portion rendered by Maya Miko. Apart from singing this song, you also composed and co-wrote it. How was the experience of collaborating with so many different musicians on this track?

The experience was wonderful. ‘Damaru’ will always be special for me. I am an ardent follower of Lord Shiva. We created this song a while back and finally, on Shivratri, we were able to release it. Collaborating with so many great artists was a very special experience. Ricky Kej (music producer) and I had worked together before. Mohini played the bass guitar so well and added a lot to the song. At the last minute, I thought of adding a rap portion to the song. Maya Miko wrote and performed the rap portion.

You have trained extensively in Hindustani classical music at the age of four. Do you think formal training is important for a musician?

I think it’s very important. If you spend some time learning the fundamentals of a particular craft, you can understand its nuances better. Because of learning Hindustani classical music, I could explore other genres easily. If you wish to become a doctor, you have to study medicine for a couple of years. Similarly, when you wish to learn music, you must spend a certain amount of time to learn it properly. When it comes to music, the learning process never really stops.  

One of your most popular tracks is ‘Jagao Mere Des Ko’ from ‘Coke Studio India’. It was composed by A.R. Rahman and written by Prasoon Joshi. Rahman was also your co-singer on the track. How was the experience of working with him on this track?

Working with Rahman sir has been one of the most memorable experiences of my professional career. I was in Chennai for fifteen days to rehearse the song with the entire team. I am in touch with him. He guides me on how should I move further in my musical career. A. R. Rahman sir is my mentor for life.

Do you plan to sing for films?

Yes, I love listening to Hindi film music and hope to lend my voice to a film soon.

You release original music on your YouTube channel at regular intervals. Do you think the growth of digital media has made it easier for independent musicians to reach out to listeners?

Yes! There are many platforms for a musician today. Connecting with the listeners has become much easier. However, it has led to many individuals looking for instant fame. A lot of times, people are more concerned about getting more views and likes and not creating good content. That, I feel, is not a very good thing.

Are you planning to release another single in the near future?

I am working on different projects at the moment. I am not sure as to which one will release first. I hope to experiment with different musical genres this year.