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Social media influencer Nidhi Passi on being a part of MX TakaTak’s MY Home collaborative space for influencers, collaborating with different artistes, her most memorable collaboration till date, the pressure of getting the numbers, expanding her horizons as an artiste and more.

How was your experience of being a part of this initiative?

I had a great experience. It has been 2-3 days since I have been back and I have already started missing everybody. The best part about this initiative was that most of the influencers had a different genre. I tried doing something which I would not have otherwise do if I was sitting at homer. All of us were interacting with each other and working on creating new content all the time. Time just flew by. It was a great mix of work and fun. Collaborating with another artiste and creating content together is a wonderful process.

Do you prefer creating content on your own or collaborating with other artistes?

I can’t choose one over another as both have the own perks. If I am creating something on my own, I get the freedom to do whatever I wish to. When I collaborate with somebody, I get a lot of interesting inputs from their end. People who follow you get to know the person you have collaborated with and start following them. Similarly, people who do not know me, get to know me. All the people involved in a collaboration equally benefit from it. I would love to create videos on my own and also create content in collaboration with other people.

When you collaborate with another person for content creation, there is a chance of creative differences cropping up between the two of you. Did you have to face something of this kind when you participated in this?

No, I did not have to go through a situation like this. The people I met there were very sweet. We would listen to each other and understand what the other person wants. I never had any dispute with anybody.

You have collaborated with a lot of people on Instagram as well. A while back, you had done a dance-based collaboration with Mouni Roy on the eve of the launch of her single ‘Patli Kamariya’. Which has been your most memorable collaboration till date?

My most memorable collaboration is the one that I did with Amyra Dastur and Kunal Kapoor recently. They had come to promote their film ‘Koi Jaane Na’. Both of them were very sweet. They were very cooperative and chilled out. I had a lot of fun shooting the video.

Social media influencers often feel the pressure of numbers and views. Do you feel these pressures too?

I have never felt that pressure but I do feel sad when I put in a lot of effort in putting together a video or a post and it does not get the kind of response I would have expected it to. But, I have understood that one should take it as a learning experience. I try to analyze where I went wrong wring and work on creating better content.

Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

I am enjoying the process of creating content for social media at the moment but my ultimate goal is to become an actress. Having said that, social media will always be a part of my life. Today, actors also promote different brands on social media and both the things go hand in hand.