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For years, Mamta Handa saw brother Mukesh Chhabra manouveur his way through the Hindi film industry and emerging as the top casting director in the country. Now, Mamta is all set to take her first steps into the media and entertainment space with her chat show ‘Be You – Ghar Ki Baat’.

In this interview, she talks about beginning her journey as the anchor of a celebrity talk show, the support that she received from brother Mukesh Chhabra, favourite talk shows, future plans and more.

When one looks at the promo of ‘Be You – Ghar Ki Baat’, one gets the sense that it has a sense of warmth to it. In each episode, you go the celebrity’s home and speak to them.  

I had thought about this concept a long time back. When I came to Mumbai, I shared this concept with Mukesh. In most of the chat shows, you see them coming prepared to a set and the entire conversation unfolding in a formal manner. I wanted to create a chat show which would showcase how celebrities talk to their friends at home. I am happy to start my journey as an anchor with this show.

How did your brother Mukesh Chhabra react to the idea? Did he give you any inputs?

Mukesh was very appreciative of my idea and supported me completely. His team helped me get in touch with the celebrities. The show has been made in collaboration with his company. He gave me all the freedom to execute the show the way I wanted.

Out of all the episodes you shot for, which one was your favourite?

I enjoyed interviewing all the guests. I had known Sunil Grover for a long time. He has been a family friend, so talking to him was fun. I met the rest of the celebrities for the first time. I was a little nervous as it was the first time I was anchoring a show but each of them made me feel extremely comfortable.

Which has been the chat shows that you have enjoyed watching?

I love watching Anupama Chopra’s interviews. I think The Kapil Sharma Show is one of the best celebrity chat shows as it has a lot of humour in it.

With this show, you have taken your first step in the media and entertainment space. What do you plan to do next in this field?

I am looking forward to more opportunities. At the moment, I want to showcase my skills as an anchor. I am interested in casting and production based work. If some good opportunities come up in this space, I would take them up.