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In a very short span of time, Rohan Asher Kotadia has made a name for himself as a dancer and content creator on MX Taka Tak. With more than 6 million followers on the app, Rohan is one of the most influential young creators today. In this interview, he talks about his love for dance, importance of creating a niche, choreographing Virat Kohli and more.

As a content creator, do you think it is important to create a niche for yourself?

Yes, I think it’s important. There are so many wonderful content creators out there and therefore, I need to give my followers or the audience a solid reason to watch my content. There should be some differentiating factor. When I bring my individuality in my content, it helps me set myself apart from other content creators.

Which has been the most memorable collaboration from you so far?

The most memorable collaboration was the one I teamed up with Honey Singh for. I have grown up dancing to his songs and I was extremely happy to have got the opportunity to do a collab video with him.

You had choreographed Virat Kohli for a digital commercial. How was that experience?

A friend of mine was a part of the shoot. They needed Virat Kohli to do a few steps. My friend recommended my name and they got in touch with me. The commercial was shot during the pandemic and they were shooting with a small crew. I was not there physically and I instructed Virat and showed him the steps through video calls. It was a great experience. He was very appreciative of the steps I gave him to do. He is not a dancer but was very excited to try out something that was new to him. He performed those steps very well.

Are numbers important for you?

Apart from MX Taka Tak, I am also on Instagram and I put up my content there too. I have 6 million followers on MX Taka Tak and twelve and a half thousand followers on Instagram. The difference is quite huge. When you start out as a creator, you put out content and hope for the audience to appreciate your talent. After a while, if you don’t get views, it bothers you. I have been through that phase but soon enough, I realized that all I ever wanted was to bring smile on people’s faces and I am doing that now. I do want my content to reach out to a large number of people but I don’t let numbers bother me.

What do you plan to do next?

Primarily, dance is what I started with. It was all original choreography. Then, I got into trends. I dabbled with situational comedy. I am more of a dance content creator. I try to keep creating unique content so that my followers don’t get bored. I am trying to blend dance with comedy and give a different spin to both these genres.