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As an actor, Namit Das has played varied characters throughout his career. He believes that the character he has played in the web film ‘Man Maiden Mercenary’ is unlike any role he has done in the past.

Victor is a very layered character. Did you say a yes to the film because the character appealed to you?

What attracted me towards the project was the vision of Konarak, the director and what he wanted to say about human beings through this film. The way he wanted to tell the story was very intriguing. I don’t think a film like this has ever been made in India. I really wanted to be a part of his story and contribute to it as an actor.

Kolkata is almost like a character in the film.  

Yes, absolutely! That was one of the things that attracted me. Kolkata is a city I am in love with. I want to go back to it again and again. The people are wonderful and the city has a character of its own.  

You have done many interesting projects on OTT of late. What do you think of this medium?

Everything exists in the bottle these days. It’ the audience’s choice which is most important. Everything is going to co-exist. People are coming back to the theatres. Radio, television, theaters, OTT – all of them are forms of entertainment.

You made your singing debut with Aafat-E-Ishq. Do you plan to explore your musical side further?

I really hope to. Before Covid, I had a band. We were planning to do a few live gigs but lockdown happened and we couldn’t move forward with our plans. Now that things are opening up, I might get back to music in a big way. We have plans of releasing an album soon.

What are you doing next?

We are competing a lot of projects which were on hold because of the lockdown. There is a web series that has been produced by Applause Entertainment. I have also played a part in ‘Rocket Boys’ which has been produced by Emmay Entertainment and Roy Kapur Productions.

Man Maiden Mercenary is currently streaming on BiggBang.