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In the late ‘80s, Vaishnavi Macdonald faced the camera for the first time when she acted as a child artist in Ramsay Brothers’ ‘Veerana’. She did a few films in the ‘90s and then, found a foothold in television. With the recently released web film ‘The Last Resort’, the actress has taken her first steps in the digital space.

As a child, you wanted to become a scientist. Your journey in films started as a child artist in ‘Veerana’. In all these years, you have played so many memorable roles. What is that one thing you look for in a project?

I look for two things. The most important criteria is that my role should be of some substance. I want to be a part of a project that people notice. Then, of course money also matters (laughs). I have always veered towards performance-oriented roles.

What made you say a yes to ‘The Last Resort’?

The production house was good. I realized they were determined to make a quality product. The casting was good. The script by itself was very interesting. Science fiction has always been one of my favourite genres. I have been a fan of so many sci-fi films made in Hollywood. So, when I was offered one here, I couldn’t say no.   

Geeta Vishwas from the iconic TV show ‘Shaktimaan’ remains one of your most popular characters.

‘Shakrimaan’ will always remain the most special project of my life. In all the characters I play, I try to stick very close to what Geeta was. I try not to play extremely negative characters. Even this character in ‘The Last Resort’ is that of a nice mom. She is a very relatable character. I have played a couple of negative characters but they have never been too dark.

Do you plan to more work in the digital space?

Yes, I am very excited to see the kind of content being made on OTT platforms. ‘The Last Resort’ is my first project in the digital space and I feel this is just the beginning. I hope to keep exploring this medium further.

The Last Resort is currently streaming on BiggBang.