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In a career spanning more than 25 years, Samir Soni has featured in several memorable films and TV shows. He made his foray into the digital space with ‘Bewafaa Sii Wafaa’ (2017) and has appeared in a bunch of web shows since then.

In this interview, the actor talks about his upcoming web series ‘Cartel’, why the digital medium excites him as an actor, getting back to direction and more.

You play a rich industrialist named Dorabjee in Cartel.

Yes! Dorabjee is one of he most powerful people in the city. He is well-connected with the politicians and several other people of prominence. He is a power-hungry person and wants to control the city. He is aware of some unrest happening in the underworld families and wants to use it for his own advantage. That’s how he comes into the picture.

‘Cartel’ also happens to be the first show to come out on MX Gold, MX Player’s new SVOD platform.

Yes, the show will be streaming on both Alt Balaji and MX Gold.

You have worked with Balaji Telefilms on several popular TV shows like ‘Parichay’. Like ‘Cartel’, much of your other work on web has been with Alt Balaji. How has been the experience of working with the company all these years?

I have had an excellent working relationship with them over these years. The creative genius behind Balaji, obviously, is Ekta. She knows how to use me as an actor. I always feel excited every time she throws a challenge at me. With time, the characters she has offered me have got edgier. Whenever I do a project with them, I know that the quality will be fine.

You had worked extensively in TV and films and since 2017, we have been seeing you in web shows as well. What are your thoughts on this medium?

OTT platforms have proved to be a big boon to each and every individual working in the entertainment industries. The platform gives you the scope to experience. You need a big star to get a film rolling and in TV, there are certain restrictions in terms of the kind of content you can create. Web is a medium where the only thing that works is the content. Writers and filmmakers are getting the opportunity to tell the kind of stories that would not have been possible to bring to the fore via other mediums.

From Ashok Mathur in ‘A Mouthful Of Sky’ to Kunal Chopra in ‘Parichay’, you have several memorable roles to your credit. Which has been your most satisfactory project as an actor?

I don’t do roles which I don’t enjoy. That’s why I don’t do too much work. My biggest criteria for selecting a project is the role I am being offered. If I don’t enjoy my work, people will not like watching me on the screen. I have never played a character like Dorabjee and that’s the reason I said a yes to the show.  

Between all these acting projects, there was also ‘My Birthday Song’ which marked your debut as a feature film director.  

I will definitely direct a few more films. ‘My Birthday Song’ remains one of my greatest professional experiences. Right now, I am busy writing a book which should come out by the end of this year. When you are directing a film, you can’t do anything else. If I choose to direct a film, I will have to give it at least a year of my life. Right now, it is difficult for me to do that as I am working on multiple projects as an actor.

‘Chehre’ is your next project.

I have a cameo in the film. They needed a recognisable face for a sequence. Rumi (Jaffery) is an old friend of mine and I was happy to be a small part of his film.