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After winning accolades for her performance in streaming shows like ‘Broken But Beautiful’ (Season 3) and ‘Decoupled’, Sonia Rathee is all set to make her feature film debut with the John Abraham produced ‘Tara VS Bilal’. In this interview, the actress talks about her journey in the entertainment industry, why medium doesn’t matter for an actor, exchanging notes on acting with brother Ankur Rathee, memories of working with the late Sidharth Shukla and more.

You have been shooting for your feature film Tara VS Bilal in London. What can you share about the film at the moment?

It’s a romantic comedy. I can’t divulge much about it at the moment but I am really looking forward to see how the audience responds to it.
Now that you have made a transition to films, would you prefer it over the other mediums you have been a part of in the past?
Not necessarily. There is not much of a difference besides the amount of time you spend with those characters. In web shows, you have 240-400 minutes to tell a story. In films, you have to tell a story in 120-160 minutes. You have the same technicians, same crew, talented actors, directors, etc. I love working in both mediums.
You started your career as a production designer with international projects like Seeking Mr Brown (2014) and The Rat (2015). Would you like to go behind the camera again and perhaps, take up production or direction someday?
 Actually, that’s a misconception, I have never been a production designer! My cousin was and I were just helping out on set. I was just 17 years of age then. That being said, yes, I would love to explore being behind the camera. I am not sure about taking up direction but I would definitely like to produce content someday.

Your brother Ankur Rathee has garnered accolades for many of his recent projects. Do the two of you discuss work and give advice or feedback to each other?
 Yes, all the time! We never hesitate asking for advice or talking things through with each other. I am incredibly lucky to have him as a pillar, and it’s even better that he’s my roommate. And in terms of feedback, we try but sometimes it’s hard for us to dissociate one another from the characters we play. But, we take pride in each other’s work. He is such a talented actor, how could I not!
Next month, it will be a year since ‘Broken But Beautiful Season 3’ started streaming. In an interview, you had described your co-actor Sidharth Shukla as somebody who was a complete natural and wouldn’t need any prep. How do you look back at your journey on that show with him and the rest of the team?

Broken But Beautiful’ will always be a milestone in my career. The energy on the sets, preparing for the role and shooting for it was an experience I will never forget. I completely stand by my statement that Sidharth was a complete natural and his passing is a huge loss to the entertainment industry, needless to mention his family and friends. He was a gem and working with him, a blessing. I have learnt a lot from him and will always cherish our professional journey along with our friendship. This is one show that has continued to stay with me.