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Apart from being a skilled dancer, Kunwarr Amarjeet Singh is known for the characters he has portrayed in popular TV shows like ‘Dil Dosti Etc’ and ‘Naamkaran’. In his recently released short film ‘Niyati Chakra’, he believes he got to play a character that helped him showcase his strengths as an actor to the audience.

In this interview, the actor talks about the short film, working with Mukesh Tiwari, exploring the web medium and more.

‘Niyati Chakra’ is based on a very unique concept. It shows two people from two different time spans meeting and having a conversation.

Yes, it is a subject that has hardly been explored in the past. The novelty of ‘Niyati Chakra’ is its biggest USP. After being known as a dancer for years, I wanted to do the kind of projects that would help me showcase my skills as an actor. I wanted to be a part of stories that were different. When the director pitched this subject to me, I was very excited. A lot of research has gone into it. One doesn’t come across scripts like these every day.

There is a message in the film too.

Yes, it comes towards the end of the film. The film is about these two characters who adhere to two different ideologies. Both of them believe their ideology is right. The truth is nobody can predict anything. No matter how much we think we know, there is somebody beyond us.

Short films, as a format, are far more popular today than they were a few years ago. Leading OTT platforms are releasing short films quite frequently. What is your take on this medium?

I have really enjoyed many of the short films that have come out in the recent past. I am happy that OTT platforms are releasing them. Not everyone has the kind of budget that is required to make a feature film. There are many talented directors and writers out there who don’t get the chance to showcase their talent. By making short films, they get to show the world what they are capable of and that leads to more opportunities for them.  

You had stated in an interview that you hope to do a dance film someday. Is doing films the next step for you as an actor?

I am planning to do films but I am also open to doing shows being made for OTT platforms. OTT has changed the game for everyone. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for actors, writers, directors and technicians. People know me for my dancing skills but ‘Niyati Chakra’ gave me the opportunity to do something I had never attempted before. I hope to do more such challenging roles.

Niyati Chakra is currently streaming on BiiggBang.