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Gilbert Chettiar started writing songs in 2008 and five years later, his first single ‘Baahon Mein’ was recorded and released in 2016 across all major music streaming platforms. Gilbert took a big leap in his journey as a creative artiste when he launched an independent music label named Lafzon Music. In this interview, the lyricist-entrepreneur talks about his recently released single ‘Manzar’, the plans he has for his music label, wish to write for films and more.

What was the thought behind writing this song?

As the whole world had shut down, so did mine. Being a lyricist, I always try to write songs which are realistic and have a relatable factor to the. I wanted to convey the emotions which we often neglect or hide from others. Like every other human I was going through a lot of emotional turmoil. ‘Manzar’ was conceived through my observation and experiences in life. It took a strenuous effort to pen down the dilemma.

‘Manzar’ has released on Lafzon Music which you are the founder of. Was it easy to start a music label on your own?

Starting a music label on my own was not an easy task. I always wanted to express the moment through my lyrics and songs. I did not want to go the traditional way of knocking on the director or producer’s door. I chose my own way and followed my instincts. ‘Manzar’ is one of the gems which I wanted to put out to the audiences. This is one song which I believed they would be able to relate to and at the same time enjoy the melody.

What is the kind of music you wish to promote through your label?

I would like to experiment with all the genres be it Indian classical, Folk, Pop, Sufi, Ghazal, Qawwali, Contemporary, Fusion music etcetera. We will also be collaborating with singers and musicians in India and worldwide.

As a lyricist, you have largely written independent songs. Do you wish to write for films too?

I would definitely grab the opportunity to write for films and OTT platforms. These mediums definitely offer better exposure and give artistes the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.