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In his journey as a singer and musician spanning across two decades, Vipin Aneja has made a name for himself both as a recording artiste and a live performer. Vipin, who has popular albums like ‘Teri Payal’ and film songs like ‘Jaane Tere Shehar’ (‘Jazbaa’) to his credit as a singer, talks about his recently released single ‘Manzar’, journey in the music industry and more.

How was your experience of singing ‘Manzar’?

I could identify with ‘Manzar’ as a song and the composition as well. It was heart-warming to sing this melody. It was a perfect marriage of lyrics, composition and the music.

Salman Ali and you are the two voices on the song. How was it collaborating with him?

The experience was unique as Salman and I were collaborating for the first time on a song. We are two different and distinctive voices. He comes from a Sufi background and I from a ghazal-like space interspersed with classical style. It was very interesting to record the song. The final result is for all to see. The feedback we have received is amazing.

The video has been directed by Devansh Patel. Was it easy to shoot for it in these times? 

The video of ‘Manzar’ was shot in very challenging times and with limited resources. Our director Devansh Patel is very talented and has shot it beautifully. He gave everyone a reason to smile with the way he put together the visuals.

You have a degree in Business Administration from the New York State. How did music come in your life?

 I was always an artist from the very formative years of my life in school. By the time I finished my degree, I had trained extensively in Hindustani classical music and won a couple of music competitions both at state and national level. I started singing jingles for Shantanu Moitra and started my career in Delhi as a non-film artist in the year 2000 with an album called ‘Teri Payal’. With God’s grace, soon enough I became a popular live performer for national and international corporate giants. I have kept moving ahead in my journey as a musician quite steadily since then.

Can you share something about your upcoming projects?

There are some singles which are in the pipeline. Non-film music is growing at a very fast pace and I hope to do a lot of work in this space.