Home » News » Bigg Boss 14: Amidst cut-throat competition for survival, Naina Singh still ends up being compassionate towards Shardul Pandit

The controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ is sticking by its tagline ‘Abh scene paltega’ quite aptly. Today we saw Eijaz Khan getting saved from the nominations owing to his captainship, we also saw him saving Jasmin Bhasin from the nomination task which clearly disappointed Pavitra Punia.

After Bigg Boss announced the weekly nomination task ‘BB Spaceship’ Rahul and Nikki entered the spaceship where Nikki ended up being a spoilsport. Later on, Naina Singh and Shardul Pandit were the next duo to enter the spaceship. The duo tried to convince each other as to why do they deserve to take the mask. Shardul tried to make Naina understand by saying “You have already won a reality show” but Naina in return said “Even though I have won a reality show, people think that my life has been easy but it hasn’t been like that”

But as the light turned towards the end, the duo ended up deciding to mutually enter the red zone together. After the duration got over Naina hugged Shardul in order to pacify him.

In the yesterday’s episode too, we saw Naina cooking for the whole house even after getting cornered by the captain. The former Splitsvilla winner did not lose onto her sanity just to become the focus of a cameras inside the house.