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Remember the young, innocent child actor who played son to Aamir Khan and Kajol in Fanaa (2006), and to Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji in Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007)? All grown up and consumed by his love for cinema, Haji Ali has taken on the mantle as writer and director of a film with an unusual title Justice For Good Content.

Production Headquarters Ltd UK headed by Mohaan Nadaar and Ketki Pandit Mehta had recently announced the project and completed the filming in Mumbai which Haji believes is an inside view of a journey of a good story in the film industry, and one told with a quirky narrative.

Ali says it was his co-writer Palvi’s brainchild to pen the idea in this unusual way, and it appealed to him so much that they instantly got down to work on it.

“The world of the story felt familiar because I’ve been in and around the movies since a while. Most importantly, while the subject made me laugh even though the topic is something that’s repeatedly debated upon, I could maintain my moral objectivity and perspective. That’s when I knew I would sink my teeth into this,” says Haji.

When asked if he has faced his share of hardhips while trying to become a director, Haji insists, “My journey has been fun. I had been acting until very recently, but I had decided that I wanted to make movies quite a while ago. It’s hard for people to trust you when you’re a youngster. You can’t get films greenlit on enthusiasm. That’s a fact that I have learnt the hard way.”

He adds “but I have been lucky because my producer Mohaan Nadaar of Production Headquarters UK appreciated my unusual script and decided to back me with full confidence”.

As someone who likes to look into the finer details, Haji also gives an insight into his thoughts on filmmaking. He adds, “I believe writing is the most important part of my process now because that’s the entry point. But once you’ve gone on floors and then onto the edit, the real game begins.  Those processes are what really decide the kind of storyteller you are.”

And finally on working with mega stars in his career as a child actor, he says, “I’ve had the good fortune of working with some really big stars and I’ve learnt a lot from them. Not lessons, but virtues.”

Justice for Good Content stars  stars Raj Zutshi, Delnaaz Irani, Vijay Patkar, Suresh Menon, Anun Menon, RajKumar Kanojia amongst others.

The film’s plot is based on an intellectual and enterprising young man called Good Content who embarks on his journey into becoming a big screen filmmaker. Written and directed by Ali Haji #Justiceforgoodcontent is Produced by Mohaan Nadaar under the Production Headquarters UK Ltd. Ketki Pandit is the creative producer on the film.

The Production Head Quarters spearheaded by Mohaan Nadaar is currently producing Randeep Hooda starrer Rat on a Highway, Adil Hussain starrer Footprints on Water and a couple more, the details of which will be announced soon.