Home » News » From being Business Partners to Life Partners: Neuphony founders Ria Rustagi and Bhavya Madan to tie the knot this week

A decade back, Ria Rustagi and Bhavya Madan met for the first time while pursuing an engineering course in JIIT Noida. While in college, they bonded over studies, projects, and innovative ideas and soon, became best friends. A year later, in 2012, they started dating. After the completion of the course, Ria had to move to Germany to pursue higher studies. For seven years, the couple lived in different countries and played out their long-distance relationship through video calls and occasional meetings.

Together, the couple founded ‘Pankhtech’, a company that is focused on creating cutting-edge technology-driven products that bring out an improvement in one’s physical and cognitive health. Neuphony, one of the products under the brand, happens to be the first wearable device to have been manufactured in India that monitors the different brain wave patterns with the help of 8 sensors. After achieving great heights in the professional space together, the couple are all set to tie the knot this week.

Talking about the journey they had so far, Ria says, “Many couples drift apart slowly once they get into a long-distance relationship. However, distance, as they, could also make the heart grow fonder. With time, Bhavya and my relationship and bond only got stronger. Once Bhavya flew to Germany to pursue an MSc. In Embedded Systems from the prestigious University of Passau, we were together in the same country after seven long years. Now, we look forward to a lifetime of companionship and togetherness.”

Just like everything else they have done together, Pia and Bhavya worked towards organizing the wedding together. Despite their hectic work schedules, they made sure that they made enough time to look after the wedding preparations as it was going to be the most special day in their lives so far. Right from the wedding invitation to the food menu, everything was supervised by Pia, Bhavya, and their families.

“Our work keeps us busy all the time but we wanted our wedding to be memorable not just for us but for our families and guests as well. We planned our schedule meticulously so that we could oversee everything. Ria and I have been together for a decade now and out of those 10 years, we spent 3 years in different countries. Every single moment in our personal and professional journey has been special for us and we are happy to formalize our relationship with this wedding”, says Bhavya.