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The lockdown has been quite an experience for everybody across the globe, it was a time when all of us were still unsure about what lies ahead, and we weren’t sure of how to adapt to the homebound rule imposed on us. It forced us to pause, take a break and retrospect about our relationships, be it within our homes or if you were away and virtually connected with your loved ones. Bringing viewers some ordinary yet extraordinary stories that celebrate life, MX Player’s Lockdown Rishtey is a must watch, here’s 4 reasons why!

  1. A fabulous cast – The series showcases some of our most favourite actors playing characters and emoting feelings that we’ve all been through, in the most realistic ways. We get to see a stellar cast including Rohit Roy, GurdipPunjj, Kaveta Chaudhry, Ronit Roy, Anjum Fakih, Ashi Mahesh Joshi, Zia Ahmad Khan, Saad Bilgrami, DarshanaaGahatraj, Dr. SmitaDongre, Abhishek Kapur, to name a few and the episodes are presented by RithvikDhanjani, Suchitra Pillai, Arjun Punjj, Manasi Joshi Roy and Prerna Panwar.
  • The entire show is self-shot –The USP of Lockdown Rishtey is that it’s completely shot indoors while following the lockdown rules. All the actors have shot it themselves in their respective houses with the help of family members. We surely are excited to watch what each one of these actors has to offer!
  • It’s bound to make you go this is ME – Que for the loo, the urge to step out and meet your friends or the anxiety of isolation – all sounds familiar, right? This five-episodic series is an ambitious anthology exploring relationships that are defined entirely by the lockdown rules – the confusion, paranoia, disbelief, restrictions, and immobility that we’ve all experienced is brought alive by the cast.
  • Free on MX Player – The good news is that all the episodes are streaming on MX player which is absolutely FREE to watch. This makes the platform an ideal one for all those who don’t want any hassle of subscriptions!

A mélange of 5 stories, ‘Lockdown Rishtey’ explores the thick and thin nuances of relationships. The series takes us through the intricacies of 5 relationships – a married couple on the verge of a divorce, an independent self-living individual who gets stuck with 10 other relatives, a loving couple who are almost about to elope,a girl who goes to her prospective in-laws to call off the marriage only realizing that she’s stuck in their home, and lastly, a story of a man who lives with his cute pets.Shot across various locations via mobile phones, this totally hatke series is directed by Abhijit Das.