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On his Instagram bio, Viplove Master describes himself as a video creator. The video he puts up on his Instagram profile and YouTube channel are watched by thousands of people. In this interview, the social media influencer talks about being a part of the MX Taka Tak MY Home initiative, collaborating with other influencers, his USP as a content creator and more.

How was your experience of being a part of this initiative?

This was my second collaboration with the team. We had earlier been to Lonavala. The creative team was very good and that was one of the reasons why everything shaped up so well. Personally, I had a great time while being a part of this initiative. I learnt a lot while having fun at the same time.

As an influencer, you create content on your own. Collaborating with other individuals for the same must have been quite different.

Yes, it’s quite different. But, even when we collaborate, individually we do things that we are good at. When you collaborate with other artistes, you have to come out of your comfort zone. In fact, it is more interesting to collaborate with people who are very different from you. It helps you sharpen your skills and grow as an artiste.

There is a chance of creative differences happening as well.

Yes, that happens but luckily, I didn’t have to face anything of that sort while collaborating with fellow creators during this initiative.  

What do you think is your USP as an influencer or a content creator?

I think I have an individualistic style which people quickly recognize. Even when I collaborate with somebody else, my style comes across in that video. Most people who follow my work can identify that. I try to make my content unique and stand out from the kind of stuff others are doing.

Are there any plans of venturing into acting as well?

I enjoy creating content for YouTube but I don’t really act in the Vlogs that I create. Though in some of the other fiction-based videos, I do act. I haven’t thought about getting into acting professionally. I just wish to keep moving forward in my career as an entertainer.