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Inventive writers/directors of ‘Cargo’ and ‘What are the Odds’, who are framing a new picture for Indian cinema, find a common ground when talking about commanding a film set, taking inspiration from each other and about film festivals.

As Arati Kadav reminisces about her diploma film ‘Uss Paar’ & her more recent sci-fi originative film,’Cargo’ on a Zoom chat with Megha Ramaswamy, she admits to feeling amazed by her entire journey till today. Uss Paar starring Jackie Shroff is now available digitally to the audiences on the Bandra Film Festivals YouTube Channel.

With’ Cargo’, starring Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi, ‘Uss Paar’ starring Jackie Shroff and with her recent short film ’55km/sec’, Arati Kadav shares her dedicated & brave spirit in taking risks, intensely motivated to try a less experimented genre and that too in a low budget box.

When Megha asked Aarti about Uss Paar and how Jackie Shroff came one board, Aarti said, “Uss Paar is basically my diploma film from film school. This being my first film I wanted to just do the best I can I remember I had just found Jackie Sir’s email from somewhere and just sent him a blind email about Uss Paar, and then he just replied back with his phone number and that’s how I called him, we met for a meeting and then we spoke about the budget which was around 90,000 at that time and it’s funny because it was for the whole cast and not just Jackie Shroff. So yes that’s how we got him on board. What I really liked about Jackie Shroff in the film was that in spite of being a superstar and all of us being like young on sets, he was very calm and understanding. So, the risks we take for our first film are beautiful and Uss Paar will always be close to my heart!”

Uss Paar is streaming now on Bandra Film Festivals YouTube channel. Subscribe now to experience this ever growing platform of cinematic extravaganza.