Home » News » International Dance Day: Alaya F recounts the different dance styles she has learnt over the years

There’s no second thought to that rising star Alaya F has a dancing flair, which she picks up very gracefully. The actress is often seen training for classical dance forms, like ‘Kathak’. Her Instagram feed too boasts of some groovy hip hop dance reels, which have become the audience’s favorite.

Speaking about her dancing flair, Alaya shares, “Everyone knows that I wasn’t a very good dancer at first but then I did a lot of dances classes, went through a lot of dance teachers and found the correct ones, learnt different dance forms and I honestly cannot imagine my life without dance now. I owe it all to my teacher, Dimple Kotecha, who was so patient and persistent with me.”

She further adds, “I have done extensive training in many dance forms and I keep growing, from Kathak to Contemporary, Hip-Hop and Bollywood.. they always seem difficult in the start, but I always end up falling in love with each dance form. Many times when I dont feel like working out, I just dance to relieve stress or cover for my work out for the day in a room with no cooling.

She further adds, “With so many years of learning and following the hobby, it has definitely become a crucial part of my life and I really enjoy it a lot.”

Grace and elegance is what sums up Alaya’s dancing skills. Be it classical or contemporary dance form, the actress aces them beautifully, leaving the audience in awe of her completely.