Home » News » Karishma Kotak shares her beauty secrets and fashion tips at the age of 37

Amazingly fit and beautiful even at the age of 37, Karishma Kotak has some pretty good tricks under her sleeves and she’s ready to share them with us. The IPL hostess has wowed all with her looks always and it’s no secret that she’s a fashion diva!

Commenting on her own style and fashion she says, “It’s always a good idea to wear what you think looks best on you. Fashion is not about what you wear but how you carry it and I think comfort and feeling good about yourself is the best accessory for anyone. There are always some classics that go with everything and look good on everyone and those should be the backup in your wardrobe. Other than that ,I feel you should not hesitate to experiment and be out of your comfort zone sometimes too.”

Currently working for her upcoming movie Mr.Mummy, the 37 year old looked so impressive in her saree looks as a sexy school teacher in the film.