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Padma Shri singer Usha Uthup, after having sung in 17 Indian languages, eight foreign ones and with performances across several national and international music events, also has a hobby of reading books. However she has read some famous books but she interested in mentioning ‘The Global Desi’ book that fills her heart the foremost. Once reading the book of her favorite author Sundeep Bhutoria, Usha found the book’s specialty and author writing quite enticing. However veteran singer wrote the foreword of the book as well.

Commenting on the book, Usha Uthup said, “The Global Desi is a compelling account of what Sundeep (Bhutoria) stands for; it is also a celebration of the values that make our culture one of the oldest and most glorious cultures known to humankind. I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy this book, just as I have, and dwell on the multifarious insights that underline the very best the world has to offer through a uniquely Indian lens.”

When we asked Bhutoria, about writing this book, he said, “I enjoy my travels immensely, especially discovering new cultures and interacting with different kinds of people. As much as I love to fly off to far-flung destinations, I always carry India in my heart wherever I go and look for a little bit of India in every new place I visit.”