Home » News » Tanuj Virwani – “It was good to do something like ‘Murder Meri Jaan’ after a lot of intense web series”

Tanuj Virwani has been keeping busy. If he was seen in The Tattoo Murders (formerly known as Kamathipura) a few weeks back, he is now back in the OTT space with Murder Meri Jaan. What makes this Disney+Hotstar offering special is the fact that it comes under the Quix segment of the premium streaming platform where every episode lasts just 10 minutes.

“It is a unique viewing experience for me as well,” says Tanuj for whom this is his first take at making something lighthearted, “Of course when we are shooting then we don’t know that exactly at which point will a 10 minute episode conclude. Now that Murder Meri Jaan is streaming, I am loving the whole experience.”

Primarily devised as an offering for those who wish to enjoy a quickie during breaks in between work or commuting, Murder Meri Jaan is about a cop and his (conwoman) wife (Barkha Singh) who come together in unique circumstances and end up cracking numerous cases. While Tanuj brings in all his cop training and field experience coming into play, Barkha is street-smart which works in her favour.

“What I particularly liked is the fact that I could breakaway a bit from all the heavy duty stuff that I have done since Inside Edge,” says Tanuj who has also been seen in Poison and Code M, both being dramatic thrillers, “Moreover, The Tattoo Murders was very intense and I also needed a break of sorts to chill out a bit. Murder Meri Jaan is in popcorn, or shall I say a quick snack, space. It is easy on your mind as a viewer.”

As for the intensity, there is a lot more coming for Tanuj later this year. While Tandoor is the next to follow, there is Cartel with Vivek Oberoi in the wrapping up stages as well. Meanwhile, there is the third season of Inside Edge as well which is keenly awaited while a couple of other web series too are in different stages of production for Tanuj, who is set to have an eventful year ahead.