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In a very short span of time, Srashti and Prakriti, who call themselves the Rush Twins, has become very popular as social media influencers. In this interview, they talk about being a part of the MX Taka Tak MY Home initiative, getting more visibility through it, working together as a duo and more.

How was your experience of being a part of this initiative?

Srashti: It was a wonderful experience. As an influencer, you get to meet other influencers and creators which you don’t get to meet otherwise. We made a lot of content and dabbled in genres that we hadn’t explored earlier.  

Prakrati: Both of us had always made dance videos. Ever since we arrived there, we started collaborating with other influencers and created a bunch of comedy videos. We shared concepts and ideas with each other regularly and it was a highly productive atmosphere to be a part of.

As an influencer, how has this initiative helped you?

Srashti: Every influencer has his/her own set of fans. When we collaborate with each other, our content reaches out to a larger audience.

Prakrati: After participating in ‘MX Taka Tak’ more people are now recognizing us. Our brand value has increased.

Most influencers often feel the pressure of getting views for their content or increasing their following over a period of time. Have you felt any of these pressures?

Srashti: No, when we create a piece of content, our complete focus is on doing it well. We don’t think about the outcome.

Prakrati: Everybody feels happy when their video gets a lot of views or when they see an increase in their followers. However, that’s not something we think about. The only thing that is in our hands is to create good content. For us, quality is the only thing that matters.

Both of you are sisters and create content together. Are there times when creative differences happen between the two of you?

Srashti: Yes, we do fight sometimes (laughs). A lot of times, we fight over what she is going to wear and what I will be wearing. Sometimes, our vision also might differ while creating something together.

Prakrati: Most of the times, we keep improvising and discuss whether a particular type of content will be liked by the audience or not.

MX Taka Tak has become extremely popular in very little time and has emerged as a good alternative to some of the apps that are no longer available in India. What are your thoughts on this app?

Srashti: We have received a lot of recognition because of MX Taka Tak. The engagement rate on the app is very high.

Prakrati: MX Taka Tak is getting influencers to collaborate with each other and create content together which is wonderful. Especially for new creators, it is very beneficial. When bigger or more popular influencers collaborate with smaller influencers, it helps the latter hugely. The bigger influencers also gain as they get to collaborate with new talent.