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It couldn’t have been mere coincidence. To think of it, the third season of hit show Inside Edge was written more than two years back. A key episode from the web series features the forced exit of Indian cricket team captain with another blue eyed boy. Now in the latest headlines that are all over the news, the same has apparently happened in real life scenario as well. The reasons are definitely all different between what is happening on and off the screen. However, the Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh  Sidhwani produced sports drama shows that this is very much possible.

Well, this is what makes Inside Edge 3 edgier, cool and far more connected to the real life references. If the first two seasons shows what happens inside and outside the dressing room

and the cricket ground, the third season goes deep into the functioning of the cricket board. Of course, there is a mix of fact and fiction coming into play and that’s what makes Inside Edge 3 a lot edgier and also layered.

What really helps the 10 episode series to emerge as a truly binge worthy show is the fact that it starts with a bang and maintains a good pace right through. Of course, the core of the storyline is such that you need to be familiar with the first two seasons in order to get going with the third. However that helps because in that perspective, it works as a true epic affair, something that augurs well with the fact that it’s the first major OTT show (other than Mirzapur) which brought Indian audiences closer to the world of web series.

The key characters truly have a lot of fun as well, as they continue across all the seasons. Vivek Oberoi is the star highlight of the show and his sinister acts have a surprise element to them that are not just accentuated by his screen presence but also goes well with the character graph that has shaped up over the time. He brings in the right gravitas with his facial expressions as you enjoy his mean act.

Tanuj Virwani, one of the principle characters from the first season, is the central protagonist this time around and has the lengthiest screen time. Graduating from being a brash T20 player to now the captain of the test cricket team that takes on Pakistan in the home series, he not just graduates as a character but also brings in a lot more as an actor. The man is clearly growing in confidence with every passing web series (he has done 6 just in 2021) but also gets it right when it comes to holding himself in front of the camera.

Aamir Bashir was introduced in the second season and continues well in the third, though with a more emotional appeal. Somehow, I would liked him to stay ruthless right through as that would have explained his character graph better. However, as an actor he does  bring on a matured act all over again. As for Richa Chaddha, she has a relatively lesser screen time this time around but is reliable as ever. The manner in which the third season ends, she promises to return with something bigger in the fourth season.

Other actors who impress are Sapna Pabbi, Amit Sial, Sayani Gupta, Ankur Vikal and Sunny Hinduja. They all have key roles to play in the series and the best part is that they all stick to the character and never try to out-edge them. They all have been given adequate screen time by director Kanishk Varna, who shot this web series before making his feature film debut with Vidyut Jammwal starrer Sanak. As a team, they all work together well with Kanishk channelising the narrative well enough to ensure a seamless play.

A large part of Inside Edge 3 is in English and that works for the show since it caters to the urban audience. Of course the cricket matches stay on to be the highlight as they have been captured just like a professional broadcaster does for international matches. As for the other drama that ensues, you can’t help but draw a lot of parallels with what you have been in cricket, both on and off the field, over the years.

That’s what makes Inside Edge 3 a true entertainer that is every bit a binge worthy affair and sets the stage well for the fourth season to kickoff soon.

A must watch.