Home » Spotlight » “This has been a very special collaboration” – Asees Kaur and Renuka Panwar on the Hindi version of 52 Gaj Ka Daman

Last year, in October, a Haryanvi-language song called ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’ released and took the internet by storm. The song crossed the one-billion mark in very little time and made a star out of Renuka Panwar, the 19-year-old singer who had sung it. The popularity of the song didn’t go unnoticed by Bollywood singer Asees Kaur who approached Renuka with the proposal of collaborating on a Hindi version of the song.

“This has been a very special collaboration. When two artists collaborate, they bring their individual style to the song. The song becomes very special as it is a mix of both the artists’ sensibilities. I saw that happening with ‘52 Gaj Ka Daaman’. Renuka is very talented and I really enjoyed collaborating with her on this song”, says Asees.

For Renuka, this was an important opportunity as she had followed Asees’ work very closely and had been a big fan of her music.

Talking about this collaboration, she says, “Asees and I spoke during one of my live sessions on Instagram. She suggested that we should do a Hindi version of the song. When we met for rehearsal, I was very nervous and excited at the same time. Apart from being a hugely talented singer, she is a wonderful human being. She treats like a younger sister. The Hindi version has the same hook line as the original song but the lyrics have changed. Here, the lyrics are in Hindi.”

’52 Gaj Ka Daman’ (Hindi) has been composed by Aman Jaji and Mukesh Jaji. The original Haryanvi lyrics have been written by Mukesh Jaji and the Hindi lyrics have been penned by Shloke Lal. The song has been released by ii Music.