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How Hollywood and Remakes Affect Bollywood
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Are indian filmmakers so unoriginal that story ideas need to be remade with an indian style? When the indian public is seen making a remake a HIT in India or Overseas, it shocks me a little because these same people spurn original movie ideas,which are worth a look. Over the last several years, many films have flopped, but have won awards because of the fact that the movie was original and had a theme people would not accept under any circumstances.

Some execellent films have been neglected because people did not either understand the point, or prefer the purely nonsensical commercial film. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love a good commercial film, but there are those few select films which makes you actually think and use your brain.

One film that made me believe in coincidences was 3 Deewarein. Here you have a film where the main characters, despite being strangers in the beginning, have more to do with each other, than you could imagine. If you have not seen this movie, rent it today, because trust me when I tell you that it is one of the most original stories I’ve seen on the hindi cinema in a long while.

There is a need for filmmakers of small movies to find a way to get a distributor willing to giving a proper promotion. Sometimes the lack of advertising even a small film will make it a flop because the movie hits the screen and nobody is aware. I can also understand that some small filmmakers are not greedy and just want the premise of their film to have a meaning and be out for the audience to discover themselves. Sometimes, these same directors and producers forget that marketing a film in India and creating a buzz is a key factor in order for it to make it big.

Big filmmakers such as Ram Gopal Verma, Sooraj Bharjatya, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Raj Kumar Santoshi, etc. have all had original movie ideas, but knew how to sell the film, either on their own, or through their connections in foreign lands.

The name of the game is MARKET YOUR PRODUCT. We have copycat filmmakers in Bollywood (mostly all related to the Bhatt family), who make remakes but know how to package the film with style, music, and performances to sell it and make a hefty profit.

The time has come for people to truly read the positive reviews of small films and make the effort to check it out. I do not think Bollywood could survive the extinction of unique directors who offer original plots and serious drama to change our lives. Even some commercial films have flopped and deserve some recognition.

The following is a list of a few films which deserve to be noticed again even if some people forgot (I’m just mentioning a select few because the list could be endless):

-3 Deewarein -Lekin -Astitva -Hu Tu Tu -Chandni Bar -Satta -Pukar -Sur -Lajja -Daman -Zubeidaa -Pukar -Eeshwar -Mammo -Hatya -Main Azaad Hoon -Arth -Wajood -Khamoshi -Swarg -Hari Bhari

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