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Aishwarya and her media attacks
- Amy Maharaj           Let us know what you think about this article

Recently it seems that there´s been alot of Ash-bashing going on in the Indian media. Attacks from her fashion sense to poor acting skills are never-ending. So where did this all come from? From being India´s pride and joy it seems that lately she´s been India´s "target for criticism". So why has the media gone from calling Ash a beauty queen to a plastic doll?

Well there can be various factors, but according to Gurinder Chadha she claims that the Indian media is jealous of Ash´s success with, "Bride & Prejudice" along with the fact that London opened the movie with open-arms and India slagged it off before it was even screened. Truth is, Bride & Prejudice received luke-warm reviews albeit Ash was constantly claimed as "very beautiful".

Another reason may be her recent flop "Kyon Ho Gaya Naa" which she co-starred with her real-life beau, Vivek Oberoi. This movie was a failure at the box-office and only increased taunts from the media about her acting abilities.

Or perhaps it´s the fact that Ash is signing onto Hollywood movies and her fellow Indian fans feel she will slowly forget about Bollywood and therefore they´re using their media privileges to vent out against her? And maybe the fact that she went from wearing gorgeous sari´s to Georgio Armani? And went from dark black hair to a lighter shade of brunette?

The list can go on, but I for one will never know. But what I do know is that in a time when an Indian actress is making it in the Hollywood world where many minorities don´t get many chances is a good thing. Regardless of her flops or taste in clothes, she´s opening up alot of doors for future Indian actors, therefore shouldn´t we be supporting her more then ever?

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