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"Bollywood is just going to have to wait. I'm not saying yes, and I'm definately not saying no." - Trishala Dutt
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Hardly do you come across a family name that holds so much pride, dignity, and respect. Sanjay Dutt is known by one and all as a man with tremendous amounts of courage, who seems to be able to triumph over any adversity that life throw at him. And the latest addition to this famed and reputed lineage is Trishala Dutt, Sanjay Dutt’s eighteen-year-old daughter from New York. I had the opportunity to speak with Trishala once again about life, family, and Bollywood.

So it’s been a while since I last spoke with you. What have you been up to the past few months?

Yes, it’s been quite a while. To be completely honest, I’ve been dedicating all my time to college, where I’m studying Criminal Justice. It was a field I’ve always been interested and thought would come easy to me. But the tremendous amount of studying, analyzing and reading is everything but easy. I’m managing well, but that’s basically what I’ve been up to recently.

So you recently went to India in January to visit your dad (Sanjay Dutt). Tell us a little about the trip.

It was such a great experience. I went there to support my dad during his case, which at the time was the center of attraction of all our lives! But it’s always a journey when I visit…what with the media ambushes and all [laughs]. But before that it had been nearly a year since I met him in London while he was doing a film shoot.

How was it spending time with your father during his case? How is he holding up now?

The case is going well. I went there to support him like everyone else. And of course it’s only natural that a little fear will remain. But my dad is one of the strongest men around, and it showed during his toughest times. And it still shows today. I need him in my life and I know that everything will be fine.

I heard that he bought you some nice gifts, including a Rolex and a diamond ring. Any special occasion?

[Laughs] No no. There wasn’t any special occasion. He always just completely spoils me! And constantly reminds me that he does. I know he calls me a spend-thrift, but tis’ all out of love. I buy him things as well.

I read in the papers that you went to India just to do Karan Johar’s ‘Koffee With Karan’ with your dad. What’s that about?

No, I did not go to India to be on Koffee With Karan. As I already mentioned, I went there to be with my dad and support him during his case. That’s the only reason! Besides, why would I go all the way there just to be on some kind of T.V. show? But the experience of being on his show was nice.

There were many talks about your father marrying for the third time. What was going through your head during all that?

What was going through my head was that I don’t know where all these rumors come from. I’m the only woman in his life.

It seems that lately there’s a frenzy of star children entering the Industry, including Anil Kapoor’s daughter, Sonam, and Rishi Kapoor’s son, Ranbir. I think you know where I’m going with this question…

[Laughs] Yes, I do know where you’re headed with this one. Well, as of right now my main focus is college. I want to be unique. I want to finish my education and get a degree, which I should accomplish in about two years. Bollywood is just going to have to wait. It’ll be a surprise.

So…that means we may very well see you stepping into Tinsel Town in the very near future?

I’m not saying yes, and I’m definitely not saying no.

You and I both know that Bollywood is contagious. You come from a very well-established and respected line of film personalities. How does that feel? Do you ever feel any sort of pressure that you have to live up to what your family has been able to accomplish?

Honestly speaking…yes, I do feel a tremendous amount of pressure being placed on my shoulders. My grandfather, Sunil Dutt, was a very well-known and respected man as was my grandmother. I remember once, on my birthday, he couldn’t attent and sent me a video tape of him, as he said a few words. [Laughs] He used to always call me by my first name and add a ‘ji’ at the end. And in his tape he said, “Trishala Ji, whether you join films or become something else, make me and this family proud.”

Ever since that day, I’ve had this unexplainable rush run through my head that one day I can make him proud of me. And I will.

If you do throw a glance towards Bollywood, which director would you like to debut with?

Someone who knows exactly what they’re doing!

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