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"The Character of Mira Is Similiar To Me." - Reema Ali
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The glamorous world of Bollywood is a major source of attraction not only for the Indian people but even the people from abroad are highly charmed in stepping in this world of Fame. There are many people who had come down to India for some work but were badly fascinated by the glamorous world of Bollywood. Reema Ali is one of them, who is a resident of Baharin and will soon be seen in “Virgin …Mira” which is being directed by Amit Aggarwal. Recently Reema Ali was seen in Press Conference of “Virgin…. Mira” which was held at Hotel Intercontinental where we had a small chit-o-chat with her.

Please tell us something about you?
I am a resident of Baharin but my Grandmother is an Indian Resident so I visit India often and since my childhood like every Indian girl I also dreamt of playing a main lead role in Indian Movie

Have you taken any professional training for acting earlier?
Yes, I have taken training for three months in Mumbai by Kishore Namitji.

Virgin …Mira is your first film. How did you managed to get your First Film?
While I was doing my training course by Kishore Namitiji I met Amit Aggarwal who is directing the movie Virgin Mira. He took my screening test where I got selected as a heroine for his movie.

Virgin Mira is being produce by your mother. So is it true that since your mother is producing the movie that is why you are the heroine of the Movie?
This is not true. Until and unless I proved my talent to Mr Amit Aggarwal my mother didn’t signed me as a heroine.

Please tell me something about the movie and your role in the movie?
Virgin……..Mira… a story of the protagonist Mira Ali. It is based on the real incident of a Girl who is born in a Muslim family. In an unfortunate incident her Ammo and Abu are killed. The small compensation Mira gets is siphoned off by her scheming relatives. Mira finds it hard to survive, to the extent to get her daily fix of meals. In such a scenario she finds it hard to live life, let alone realize her Abu’s dream - to study. She tries hard, but she finds that everyone is out to use her, exploit her; take advantage of her in such scenario, she chances upon an article, about a girl who auctioned her virginity in London. She finds that her profile matches the profile of the British girl. She takes a very bold decision -to auction her virginity. She meets Raghav Krishna, a rich middle-aged man who is all alone. Mira is surprised when Raghav tells her that he just wants company from Mira. Raghav has his own set of complexities. He wants Mira to stay and meet his family - brother Viki and his nephew Brad.In the course of time a bond develops between these three diverse characters of three different generations - Mira, Raghav and Brad - each with their respective dilemmas. How these three struggle to put odds to rest and come up in life forms the narrative - emotional and gripping. Mira or Mary - woman is looked upon as a chaste entity -pure and pristine.

Was it tough for you to play a sensitive role in your debut movie?
The character of Mira is of a Muslim Girl so it wasn’t difficult for me to converse or play the role but since it was my first film I faced some technical problem.

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