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Mukhbir: "A Brand New Systematic Experience" - Mani Shankar
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“MUKHBIIR” is a live action production from the house of Color Chips Entertainment Media Limited, which is a leading player in animation in India. “MUKHBIIR” is a spy thriller starring Sammir Dattani, Ompuri, Suniel Shetty, Jackie Shroff, Rahul Dev, Sushant Singh etc., and is directed by Mani Shankar. Producer Sudhish Rambhotla, Director Mani Shankar and the actor who will be enacting the lead role, Sammir Dattani, was in China town, Hotel Ashoka, to celebrate the completion of the movie.

Sammir Dattani plays the role of Mukhbiir who stakes his life in danger just for the sake of passion. It’s the story of an intelligence agent who fights for justice to expose the hidden truths of the land. Mani Shankar is happy on the completion of the movie and says that “we have tried our best to deliver a new experience to the audience. Indian Cinema has reached a stage where audience appreciates performance;” while quoting the film as a “brand new systematic experience.”

Mani Shankar has the credit of working with top shots of the film industry and this time also the movie contains the cream of the Industry. On the subject of casting only one female… “I feel that female actresses are not just there to show their presence in the movie but to show their caliber and perform their best.”

The story of Mukhbiir is based on real incidents and will take you on the journey of truth and reality. The movie has only two songs which have been composed by Kartik Raja and Ilayaraj. The producer Sudhish Rambhotla, who has established himself in the field with animated films said that you can actually see the effort put forth by the entire cast as Mukhbir changes personalities throughout the entire film.

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