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Interview with Muzammil Ibrahim
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It is with Pooja Bhatt's 'Jism' (as producer) that John Abraham made the big step from a model to a star. Can history repeat itself with ‘Dhokha’? The experimental Pooja Bhatt is introducing a dynamic model called Muzammil Ibrahim as the hero. He is the winner of Glad Rags Mega Model Manhunt contest and has worked in various ad films and popular music videos.

We had an interesting chat with him regarding his upcoming release ‘Dhokha’.

How did you get the opportunity to work in 'Dhokha'?

Director Poojaji has seen me in music videos. One lucky day, a phone call came from her office stating that she wants to meet me. I met her and after a formal chat, she told me that she has chosen me as the hero for 'Dhokha'.

Can you tell us who deceive whom in this film story as it’s named ‘Dhokha’?

Dhokha is a tale of an honest and dynamic inspector whose his life partner literally deceives him, to throw his life into chaos.

According to a buzz in the industry, this film is having some of the tang of Mahesh Bhatt's films like Arth, Saraansh, Zakhm? What do you have to say about this?

Yes, because the script is by Maheshji and it will be appreciated by the audience. One can remember some of Mahesh Bhatt's movies.

How was your work experience with director Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt?

It was a nice experience; Maheshji is renowned in the industry for his skill which brings out the acting even out of a hard core rock. I respect him a lot and I have very cordial relations with him. As far as Poojaji is concerned, she is excellent as a director.

There is a buzz among audiences and experts that, after this release your career will be brighter than John Abraham. What's your reaction to this compliment?

Oh really, if it is true then it will be my luck if I become like John, because he is a star now. Of course, we have come from the same profession.

Tell us something about your career as model for ad films and music videos?

I worked for Bolero, Onida, Bombay Dying, Active Juice, Feast Chocolate etc. Apart from these ad films, I have worked with Rakhi Sawant for "Pardesiya Ye Sach Hai Piya" music video, and for Lucky Ali's album one song "Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai" and these were appreciated a lot by the audience.

Before ‘Dhokha’, have you learnt any course to enhance your acting skills?

No, Maheshji suggested me not to go for any course because he believes that, a person who is not aware of acting is like plain paper and one can write whatever they want. It is very easy to get acting done from a fresher.

If you get success as an actor, would you like to continue with modeling?

Absolutely yes, because modeling is my first love and passion. So I can not leave it.

Which kind of movies you would like to choose?

Now I can't be choosy about my characters as this is my first film and releasing by end of this month. Let me see the response of audience first.

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