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Another Milestone For Lata Mangeshkar
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Director Sunil Sinha recently directed a very successful Bhojpuri film named “Suhagan bana Da Sajna Hamar”. The film at the box-office was a super duper hit. Now his new venture is “Dulha Aisan Chahi”. Ajay Gupta produces the film. Though this film is Ajay Gupta’s first film, he has a lot of knowledge about producing a film. The lead role is played by no other than the most famous and wanted hero of the Bhojpuri films Ravi Kishan. Recently his film ‘Pandit Ji Batai Na Bhyaah Kab Hoin’ has been on the theatres to break all the other films’ records. After this film his next release would be ‘Dulha Aisan Chahi’ and the entire unit of the film and Ravi Kishan have got great expectations from this film too.

There is one more special factor of this film and that is that “the voice queen/nightingale” Lata Mangeshkar is singing a song in Bhojpuri for the first time in 'Dulhan Aisan Chahi'. Lata, who just turned 76 on the 28th of September is ecstatic at her newfound opportunities in her growing age and remains modest at them. She is looking forward to singing in the film and it will truly mark a piece in Indian cinema history and another great milestone in her golden career. Lata also mentioned that singing songs in another languages has become a favorite for her, allowing her to express herselfs to listeners who are not akin to her long history in singing.

About the story of this film, the producer Ajay Gupta says, “This film is a story of a woman protagonist who loves a person and tries to win over all the difficulties in the way of their togetherness. This lady fights all the obstacles in the way of her true love. She has problems of the caste and creed, her lovers’ life and death at question but she is not scared of anything. She has full faith in herself and her love. She overcomes all the problems and wins over all the obstacles and gets her love.

Rohit [Ravi Kishan] is studying in a college. Rohit’s father Lalji Prasad is a handicap. A person named Hariharad Prasad from his own town helped him a lot since the beginning. In return to all his help, Lalji Prasad fixed up Rohit’s marriage to Hariharan Prasad’s daughter in their childhood. Even Rajjo loved Rohit. But Rohit never loved Rajjo.

Rohit and Aakash are very close friends in college. Both are about to appear for B.A. final exams. As soon as the study leave starts, Rohit goes to Aakash’s village for studies. In Aakash’s village, Rohit meets up with a beautiful girl named Pooja [Sweety]. He falls in love with Pooja but Pooja always refrains from expressing herself. In the same college a fellow named Pyarelal tries to rape Pooja and happens to indulge into a great fight with Rohit. Now Pyarelal is just waiting for an opportunity to take revenge of everything that Rohit did to him.

Once during a beautiful rainy day, Rohit was lost in Pooja’s dreams and happens to hold another girl named Champa, thinking her to be Pooja. Champa shouts for her safety and the entire villagers happen to get hold of Rohit, beat him up and ask him to leave the village. Pooja, who had actually asked Rohit to come and meet her there, does not reveal anything to anybody and due to fear of the society keeps quiet. Rohit feels very upset about Pooja’s behavior and leaves.

Pooja realizes her fault and goes in search of Rohit to apologize for her mistake. Pooja meets him up at a temple just outside the village. Rohit forcefully gets married to Pooja and tells her that he wanted her to compensate for her behavior in front of the villagers. Doing this Rohit returns back to his own village.

All the villagers back in the village get a shock when they see sindoor on Pooja’s forehead. They started teasing and torturing Pooja and her parents were very upset about the same. On the other hand, there were preparations going on for Rohit’s and Rajjo’s marriage. Pooja and her unknown marriage forces her father to commit suicide but the villagers stops him from doing so. The villagers ask Pooja’s father to get her married again. Pyarelal agrees to get married to Pooja. So finally what happens in this story of love and revenge?

The director of the film Sunil Sinha says, “With this film we have tried to show a woman’s struggle. Along with this we have tried to present the culture of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this the beauty and the best of Uttar Pradesh is also shown in the film. Along with all this many actors of Uttar Pradesh have got an opportunity to show their talents with such movies.

Made under the banner of Ajay Gupta, he is the producer of this film. Director- Story and script is written by Sunil Sinha. The dialogues are written by Manoj Singh, the music director is S.Kumar – Vinod Kumar, dance director is Ramdevan K. Nisar Khan does action of the film. The promotion of this film is being taken care by Mr. Ashok Bhatia.

The main leads of this film are Ravi Kishan, Sweety, Rupam, Vijay Khare, Dilip Sinha, Avdesh Mishra, Sheetal Bedi, Shradha Nawal, Ratan Wasani, Jyoti Shukla and others. The singers of the film include Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal, Kalpana, Mahalaxmi Iyyer and Shweta Pandit. The film is almost ready and will be shortly released.

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