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"I am more than just a good body and looks. I want people to realize that I have other talents too." - Sherlyn Chopra
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You've taken a different approach to stardom. Instead of trying to make it big in films, why did you choose to come out with an album

I did try the traditional way and try to get into movies. But I don't have a godfather so all the movies that were offered to me did not appeal to me. But I was ambitious and hence made a few mistakes that in hindsight could have been avoided. I did a film that I realize did no good for my career. Now I'm more careful and choosy about what assignments I take up.

But why an album

I feel I am more than just a good body and looks. I want people to realize that I have other talents too. I feel an album will not just give me creative freedom to express myself, but I can learn a lot more from it. In fact the lyrics of the album are a culmination of my thoughts that I’ve been penning down since my teenage years.

Why did you choose T-Series as your launch pad?

T-Series has the reputation of going out of the way to promote its artists. And I've witnessed it for myself as they've been very co-operative and helpful in all my dealings with them.

What is the concept behind the album? Do you believe people need to be shocked into paying attention?

Prahlad Kakkar, the Producer, has made a highly stylized video that is on international standards. It is provocative but not shocking. I'm not doing anything offensive in the video no matter how sexy it looks. I do have my own sex appeal and i don’t see why i shouldn’t take advantage of that. I play nine outrageous characters in the video and hence the name.

Have you got any film offers after the album

I dont want to comment on anything at this stage. But yes, i reiterate that i don’t have any hang ups about the roles i play even if it means wearing bikinis as i know i can carry it off tastefully. I wanted to be an actress first and foremost and that is my ultimate goal.

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