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Bollywood’s Reactions: A.R Rahman Winning Golden Globe Award for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
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Mahalakshmi Iyer (Singer): ‘I as an Indian and then as an Indian Musician and then as a singer, who has sung in the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire, am ecstatic at A.R Rahman's achievement and I dare say who better than him to be bestowed this honour. Kudos!!!!”

Vishal Dadlani (Music Director): "I'm not sure I know why the Indian Music Industry is puffing itself up with pride! It's Rahman's well deserved win, and Rahman's award! The rest of us need to do some serious thinking on how the business works, and why, with 400 films a year, every year, for fifty years or more, so few of us have taken global centre stage! As for whether he'll win the Oscar, of course he will! I'll pray for him!"

Ashok Amritraj (Hollywood Filmmaker): “It is an exciting and well-deserved win for Rahman. I saw him just before the Golden Globes here at the British Academy Tea Party. I was very happy to see him win. This should inspire Indian filmmakers and actors to try to break into the international arena. There has yet to be a strong representation of Indian talent in Hollywood and I would hope that Danny Boyle's film will show Indian filmmakers that a film with Indian locations and a principally unknown Indian cast can work internationally as long as the story is original, strong and emotional.”

Tauseef Akhtar (Music Director): "Hearty Congratulations to Brother Rahman for the Golden Globe Awards. Undoubtedly a living legend, his music has always been divinely blessed and spreads the fragrance of eternal bliss in the hearts and minds of the listeners."

Dale Bhagwagar (Celebrity Publicist): "It almost took a 'million' years for Hollywood to recognize Indian talent. But now that they finally have, I hope it won't take Rahman that long to surpass the 'millionaires' of the West."

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (Music Directors): “We are really proud of A.R Rahman. He is a fantastic musician and a wonderful human being. We hope that he goes on now to win the Oscars and many more awards for SM!”

KJ Singh (Sound Engineer/Designer/Audio Producer): “It’s the best thing India can ask for right now. It’s an award in recognition of the talent that is A.R Rahman, his technical team, especially his sound engineer H. Sridhar, who passed away on Dec 1, 2008, his lyricists, his singers, his musicians! We have enough talent in India to be played the international field. I hope this will open doors for other composers, musicians and technicians. Well deserved. I am thrilled!”

Deepak Tijori (Actor/Director): “Rahman getting the Golden Globe for ‘Jai Ho’ is surely, good but unfortunately, not his best, since he has given us much more then ‘Jai Ho’, in his span of career, which surely Hollywood isn't aware of. So I wonder, what would they honour him, if they had to look into his career and go into his past deeds, and look for his work that has entertained Bollywood untill ‘Jai Ho’ happened! But its a good beginning for India, and I am sure many more accolades to follow for this Genius christened A.R Rahman!”

Onir (Director): “I think any artist from India winning any prestigious award elsewhere makes me happy. Not in a way that it validates Rahman. I think his contribution to music in India/world is established. What makes such awards heartening is to see music cross borders and being accepted and recognized as a part of mainstream world culture. The difference is that most awards in India (Bollywood Awards) are biased, camp based, and based on popularity which most often is not original. The reason one values Golden Globe awards is at least it does not celebrate mediocrity and copied work (like most popular Hindi films songs). As an artist I feel happy to see another artist whom i admire and look up to break new frontiers."

Anchal Datta Bhatia (Singer): “A.R Rahman is an inspiration to a lot of musicians in this country. He does original work and definitely deserves the highest award possible. He is the PRIDE OF INDIA and here's to wishing he wins the Oscar too.”

Hansal Mehta (Director): “Of course it makes me happy, proud and very emotional. Rahman is immensely gifted, devoted and ORIGINAL. But Slumdog Millionaire does only limited justice to his ability. Roja, Thiruda Thiruda, Taal, Dil Se, Saathiya, Yuva, Guru, Jodhaa Akbar, Meenaxi, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan... the list is endless. All deserving of an Oscar.”

Sowmya Raoh (Singer): “A.R Rahman winning the Golden Globe award has made India proud. The competition would've been real tough, and therefore, winning it becomes even more special. Hope this acts as a trigger, and a glimpse of many more good things to come our way.”

Zulfi Syed (Actor): “Now that A.R Rahman has finally got the ball rolling, we can hope more and more Indian talent and films get recognition abroad.”

Vivek Singhania (Producer): “It doesn't surprise me that A.R Rahman has brought India glory at the Golden Globes this year. This was long coming our way and I believe it’s just the start of far far greater successes coming his way and making India proud."

Nikita Anand (Actress): “Rahman rocked the South Indian Industry first. Then he mesmerised Bollywood. Now he's hitting world headlines. Here's wishing more and more power to this powerhouse composer.”

Shama Sikander (Actress): “Rahman has made India proud. I hope this is the beginning of a whole new trend in world cinema.”

Vipin Sharma (Actor): “This proves that A.R.Rahman's music has transcended boundaries. He has touched souls with his music which now can easily be termed universal. He now belongs to the world. The first real crossover.”

Madhushree (Singer): “Barack Obama is elected as President of United States is the first colored President in 220 years, will make the difference in the world. A.R Rahman is the first Indian who got the Golden Globe Award, will change the look of music.”

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