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´There are two international projects with Aruna Sairam, Suresh Wadekar, Vinod Rathod and K.K´ - Jawahar Wattal
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Jawahar Wattal's name does not need any introduction. A magical maestro with a midas touch, he has given so many precious singers to the industry who have made their presence felt not only in India but abroad also. If music lovers know Daler Mehendi, Baba Sehgal, Shubha Mudgal, Shweta Shetty, Hema Sardesai and more, it's just because of Jawahar Wattal, who feels their intensity to do something new in the musical arena with a lot of freshness in melody.

One of India's top cultural entrepreneur, music director and producer, Jawahar Wattal is best known for being a pioneer in the Indian Non-Filmi music field and for shifting the focus of the industry to Delhi. His passion for music led him to train in classical and instrumental western music as a teenager and to play the guitar. By the age of 21, he had already composed and sung numerous advertising jingles and performed for leading professional recording outfits like EMI India.

The dream culminated in his setting up of a multi-track digitalized production house and an accredited advertising agency by the time he was 22. This production house was the first of its kind in the capital. The 90s' ushered in the Indi-pop revolution. When he ventured into the genre, he rapidly became recognized in the industry.

Firm in the belief that music is a language with no barriers, he constantly experiments and reinvents the idiom by never allowing anything to limit the scope of his work. This brings fresh new energy to each project.

Recently he was honoured with one of India's top most awards, The Padma Shri. The award has been conferred for his contribution to non-film music. After getting the prestigious award in an exclusive interview, he expressed his happiness and experiences as follows;

How do you feel after being honoured with a prestigious honour?

It's a very humbling experience for me. Through the music I have tried to promote Indian culture and traditions among the listeners and in between I've been able to launch some of the fabulous artists also. Due to all these artists today, non-film music is a very popular thing. I feel proud and happy to know that non-film music is also considered important enough.

It's almost two decades since you started your career and you have established many records during this stint, so which one you prefer as the top most in all these?

I didn't give importance to differentiation theory as everything has its own capability and standard like this very award has its importance and all are as important for me as this one.

From the beginning you have given important to non-film music, but don't you think its future is bleak?

No! It's not like that pop industry has bleak future or it's being neglected by audiences. Today there is more of remix music than the original one and whenever a new composition comes it doesn't come across to the audience expectation that's why the same find it difficult in getting popularity between them. I think it's just a matter of time, once again it'll come back strongly and record companies will also realise the potential of pop and will definitely come out with private albums.

You always prefer the soulful music even then there are very few films having music by you, whereas the music of the films play vital role in its success. What you say?

I've got several offers but there's a slight problem of limitations, whereas I have my own style and I prefer to work with total freedom. I don't want any kind of compromise when it came to my music.

It's quite long since your album has been released? Is there anything big you are preparing for?

I always prefer fresh talents to work with and my albums are coming on a regular basis it does not get popularity is because of non-interest shown by big record companies and their album can't get released at bigger level. Meanwhile there are two international projects lined-up that will feature singers like Aruna Sairam, Suresh Wadekar, Vinod Rathod and K.K.

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