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"I play an ordinary guy with dreams of being a star" - Dhanush
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Your Bollywood debut was phenomenal. You came and conquered with Raanjhanaa and your very next movie is with Mr.Bachchan. Comment.

It's a dream come true working with a stalwart like Mr.Bachchan. My very first shot in Hindi films was against a poster of Mr.Bachchan and now I get to be pitted against him in Shamitabh -It doesn't get any better than this.

Despite being a Superstar down south, you have an unprecedented fan following up north - How does it feel?

The fact that people loved the character I played in Raanjhanaa and follow my other films down south is something I'm yet to come to terms with. It feels surreal and for an actor its always a compliment to know that your character is remembered by people and not just your public image.

The roles you choose are very unconventional and very different from the kind a Superstar does down south. What makes you take up such roles?

Down south my fans are used to seeing me in a particular role and hence I'm restricted as an actor ! In Bollywood I have nothing to lose, so I try to experiment and mix it up as much as possible and thanks to R.Balki I bagged the role of a lifetime.

They call you the dark horse at the B/O - The unconventional superstar. Comment.

It's overwhelming. I hope to continue surprising them with performances that stay with them much after the film releases.

Tell us a little about your role in the film.

I play an ordinary guy with dreams of being a star. The film is about clash of egos, about people competing for credit as filmmaking is a collaborative effort. ‘Shamitabh’ explores that collision between Mr.Bachchan and me.

R.Balki has called you an "Original actor" and has been an admirer of your work - How was it being directed by him?

Balki sees things very differently and yet with so much clarity – It was a very enriching experience working on this film. Balki brings out the best in his actors.

Presented by Eros International, produced by RK Damani, Sunil Lulla ,Gauri Shinde ,Rakesh Jhunjhuwaala and Abhishek Bachchan Shamitabh starring Amitabh Bachchan,Dhanush and Akshara Haasan is scheduled to release February 6th 2015.

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