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Bollywood´s Reactions to A.R.Rahman´s and Resul Pookutty´s Amazing Oscar Wins As ´Slumdog Millionaire´ Emerges Victorious At The 81st Academy Awards
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The industry reacts with pride and gratification after A.R.Rahman collects the ultimate prize for his multi award winning musical score for Slumdog Millionaire (including one for his sound engineer, Resul Pookutty). Below are just a sample of the reactions received so far...

Vishal Dadlani:

"I feel proud as an Indian, and i feel proud as a musician. Rahman, Gulzaarsaab,and Resul have opened the floodgates for our aspirations. Previously, an Oscar was an almost unimaginable reward. Now, i hope that a lot of us are going to raise our game, put ourselves in the right place at the right time, and give it an honest go. Rahman as always, ... Read Moreleads from the front! Congratulations to all of them, and congratulations to the Oscars for further enhancing their credibility, by honouring the very best Indian talent in each department. I hope for many more Oscars for them, and even more for India."

Sowmya Raoh:

“First of all, many congratulations to Rahmanji, Gulzar saab, and Resul Pookutty. ARR said, he had a choice between love and hate, he chose Love, and that's whey he's there today. I think it quite sums up why this world is what it is today. It's upto us to choose, every time. Choose good work, good films, good music…encourage all that's good. I think these talented men have paved the way, and just like in Slumdog Millionaire, given hope to many others. Yes, we can, too... Jai ho.”


“It makes me very happy to see behind the scene people from India getting International recognition. Rahman has always been a phenomena and this only increases his reach. I am especially happy about Resul, not only because we all belonged to a group who started off together and have done television in the beginning of our careers together and is a friend whose success I am happy about, but because technical award for an Indian means a lot. And, it will also bring more focus to an area not given its due back home.”

Krishna Beura:

“It’s been an ambition for me to sing for Mr. A.R. Rahman because I think singing for Mr. A.R. Rahman is just like a Pilgrimage. Means if one does not do it his life as a singer is a waste. One does not get "moksha," if he has not sung for him…It’s like Jiwe Panjabi wich kehnde san, "Jinne Lahore nahi vekheya oh jammeya nai."

Well, I think as Rahman Sahab is so, so, so great, I believed and prayed to Sai Baba for him and Rasool bhai to win the Oscars…I think any award in the whole universe is also less to judge Mr. Rahman's brilliance. India is really proud of him…He is a true "Bharat Ratna.”

"Rasool Bhai, I still remember the Zinda premiere in Pune when we met for the first time in FTI premises near the pond, in the late evening, having Breezer…I told you that you would win Oscars one day, and I hope you remember...Anyways, you are an idol for the talented youth living in small villages, like you were once…Now they know how to reach out to the world. God Bless…Love always.”

Amit Trivedi:

"To start with, this is an honor to be able to voice my good wishes for Rahman sir on this platform. I have followed his work right from Roja to Delhi 6 and I personally feel that Slumdog Millionaire is great work however not his best. Having said that, I also feel that Slumdog Millionaire is the Oscar he deserves for all the brilliant work he has done so far. And the success of this magnitude that has come to him after 16 years is very, very well deserving. Rahman sir has put Indian musicians on the global map. We are proud of him.

With Resul Pookutty winning the Oscar, it is encouraging for our Indian technicians and will definitely boost their morale. I am happy for the entire team of Slumdog Millionaire and my heartiest congratulations to them. They have made us proud."

Hansal Mehta:

“The Oscars are an assertion that technicians from India are as good as any in the world. I feel particularly happy for Resul who I've had the opportunity of working with in my past films. His obsession with perfection is exemplary and I felt a great sense of pride while he held centre-stage at the ceremony. Way to go, Resul! I sincerely hope we recognize his worth back home and give him and other brilliant technicians like him their worth.

Rahman of course is a true genius and a very precious son of this great country. I hope this award draws the world's attention to his other gems. My only regret was that Gulzar saab was not there at the ceremony. Ever since Gulzar saab has been a part of Rahman's music, Dil Se, if I'm not mistaken, this genius has scaled greater heights. Gulzar saab has lent soul to Rahman's heart.

Slumdog Millionaire has proven that money well-spent can never go waste. Rather than splurging money on paying stars we should focus our energies on the wealth of talent in directors, screenwriters, engineers, cinematographers and editors available to us in abundance. The moment we repose our faith in them our cinema will be lifted beyond its current mediocrity.”

Anubhav Sinha:

“While the new 747s and 777s are shrinking the size of the world, this evening the road from Kamalistan Studio to the Kodak theatre seems shorter. 1.1 billion people from this part of the world are elated, excited and inspired. Congrats!”

Hema Sardesai:

“Rahmanji deserved 100% of the Oscars for sure! From the beginning of his career from bringing in the most original scores, to his ace music arrangement, to always dishing out super hit songs, to giving breaks to upcoming singers and musicians, to singing hit songs and yet being down to earth, it is simply wonderful that this great musician and singer got the most coveted international awards which befits him so completely.

Thank you, Mr. Danny Boyle, for choosing the right music man. I am so very, very proud of this superbly talented Indian music director, and with the greatest happiness and eternal gratitude I wish Rahmanji deepest heartfelt congratulations on and on and wish he keeps on giving us great scores on and on...”

Raqueeb Alam

"I must say thanks to Almighty God, all the fans of Rahman sahab and the whole country that prayed for him--Because of thier love and prayers only he achieved such an ultimate award and that is the Oscar, not only one but two! This is not just an award for his music but also for his humbleness, simplicity and being such a great pesonality and so down to earth...this is the award to be a true Indian...this is the award for his simple and sufiana's not like he walked toward the Oscar but as if the Oscar walked toward him...Now I can say the Oscar Award is greatful to be a part of a noble person A.R.Rahman...What I mean to say is an Oscar is not an award for A.R.Rahman but Rahman is an award for the Oscar!"

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