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'Vichitrivirya from Mahabharat is my most special role till date' Aryamann Seth
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In a career spanning five years, Aryamann Seth has made a mark for himself by appearing in some popular television shows. After making his debut in a negative role in Sahara One's 'Niyati', he went on to feature in some very successful shows like 'Mahabharat', 'Wo Rehne Waale Mehlon Ki' and 'Sasural Simar Ka', among others. In this interview, he talks about his journey as an actor, dabbling in different professions, most memorable role, exploring the digital space and forthcoming projects.

Your Instagram bio describes you as a constructor, diamond trader and gemmologist. You seem to be a man of many talents apart from being an actor.

I trade in diamonds and I am already working on some construction projects in Delhi. I am not actively involved in gemmology anymore. I just do it for my family and close friends. I do not trade in gemstones anymore but yes, I am a gemmologist by qualification.

Tell us something about your background. What made you take up acting?

When I was in Delhi, I was studying B.Com in Kirori Mal College. In the first year, the college organised a talent hunt competition. There was a ramp show, dance performances and some mimicry as well. Although it was very new to me, I participated in it and won the contest. There were a couple of photographers who had come down for the event. As a winner, I shot for those photographers. So, I got my portfolio done as a gift. I came to Mumbai to study gemmology in Gemmology institute Of America. There are only internationally recognised institutes and both of them are in Mumbai. I was fascinated with diamonds as my forefathers were jewellers by profession. When I was doing my diploma, I met a couple of friends who had seen my portfolio. They said that the portfolio is good and I should circulate it. I informed them that I do not have any contacts in the industry. They decided to help me and gave me the number of a few coordinators. I remember that meeting clearly. The coordinator's name was Twinkle. It was an audition for the soap brand Dove. At that time, I did not even know that it was an audition. The next day I got a call from Twinkle informing me that I have been shortlisted and I was needed to come again for another round of audition. Soon, I got a contract with them and got my first ad as a model.

After completing my diploma, I started working in in the institute as an intern. At the same time, I used to meet model coordinators. I worked with a cell phone brand for a while as a model. I walked the ramp for them for them as a model for four to five months. During this time, I met this man called Manoj who was an FTII faculty member. He further introduced me to Ritesh Thakriyal and Samar Jai Singh, who were also associated with FTII. They used to host acting seminars. I attended one of these seminars and I got fascinated by the craft of acting. I started helping them backstage. Once, while I was assisting on a play with the FTII group, an actor was not available and I replaced him. That was the first time I performed on the stage as an actor. Then, I assisted them for another year and a half. I auditioned for Niyati. I played a negative role in that. That was my first show. After that, Rashmi Sharma called me for Sasural Simar Ka. I did that show for three years.

Which has been your most special role till date and why?

Vichitrivirya from Mahabharat is my most special role till date. It was a small role but a very challenging role for which I had to be on the sets only for three days. He was the first prince of Hastinapur and was the brother of Bheeshma. He was the legal heir to the throne and was notorious for being an alcoholic and a womaniser. While all the rituals were going on to crown him the first prince of Hastinapur and he was about to sit on the throne, he is attacked by somebody and dies. Playing this character was challenging especially because he was a drunkard and I do not drink in real life, so I was not sure how I would pull it off.

A lot of actors, including film actors, are exploring the digital space. Is that something that interests you as an actor?

Recently, I watched 'Breathe' on Amazon Prime Video. I have enjoyed several American shows but this was the first Hindi web-show that I liked. I would like to explore the digital space if I am offered something interesting.

You have been a part of BCL since its inception. Can you share something about it?

BCL stands for Box Cricket League. Under BCL, there are two-hundred television celebrities who play cricket. It started three years back. I play for a team called Delhi Dragons. Our team won the first two seasons. Though we did not win the third season, we were the finalists. We had the best record in BCL so far. There are other teams like Chandigarh Cubs, Pune Anmol Ratan, Chennai Swaggers and Mumbai Tigers, Jaipur Raj Joshiley, Ahmedabad Express, Lucknow Nawabs, Rowdy Bangalore and Kolkata Babu Moshayes. It is a national event and every major city has its own team.

Can you share something about your forthcoming projects?

I have a couple of offers for digital shows. Essel Vision and Zee have offered me digital show. There are two pivotal characters in the show. I have had a couple of meetings with them. They are still working on shaping up the character. If I like the way it has shaped up, I will take up the offer.

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