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I was always interested in comedy as a genre Jaivindra Singh Bhati
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After making a name for himself in the Cable TV and construction business, Jaivindra Singh Bhati decided to live his childhood dream, that is, to be a part of the movies. He made his debut as a producer with the film 'Hum Hai Teen Khurafaati' in 2014 and now, he is all set to release his production 'When Obama Loved Osama' this year. In this interview, he talks about what drew him towards films, his journey as a producer and future projects.

What made you get into films?

I was fascinated by cinema ever since I was a child. When I grew up, I got involved in Cable TV and construction business. The desire to do something related to the movies was already there, so I thought of making a television show. I had a friend who worked as a make-up artist. He suggested that if I want to produce films eventually, I should start my career by producing a small-budget film. I put together a team and produced my first film in 2014 which was called 'Hum Hai Teen Khurafaati'.

You are a businessman based in Delhi and did not have any connections in the film industry. Did you find it difficult to venture into films as a producer?

Initially, I had no idea about film business. The only connection I had was my friend who was a make-up artist in the television industry. He was my childhood friend but we had lost touch for a while. When I met him after several years, I was doing pretty well as a businessman and with his guidance and help I decided to get into films as a producer. He helped me put together the team for my first film. I faced a lot of difficulties while producing my first film but it was a great learning experience.

Your next film has a very interesting title 'When Obama Loved Osama'. How did you get the idea for this film?

I was always interested in comedy as a genre. I loved watching comedy films and TV shows. When I turned producer, I decided this is one genre I would focus on. I knew a writer who was from Uttarakhand. I asked to write a comedy script. He pitched the idea of this film to me and I really liked it. I was fascinated by the title 'When Obama Loved Osama' and thought it was a very promising subject that would appeal to the masses.

Did you ever think about shifting to Mumbai as it might be easy for you work closer to the industry?

I have my other businesses in Delhi, so I have to be here. When you start out with something new, you are bound to face challenges and difficulties. After I decided to turn producer, I bought a flat in Mumbai, lived there for a year and gathered as much information as I could about the industry. Whenever it is necessary for me to come to Mumbai, I come here.

What's next?

As of now, I am busy with planning the release for 'When Obama Loved Osama'. We are planning to release it in May 18, 2018. A lot of people are helping me with the release and distribution of the film. After that, I am planning to produce another comedy called 'Cheaters'. I had heard the concept of the film long time back and am very excited about making this film.

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