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Practical knowledge of your craft is very important Suzad Iqbal Khan
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After making his debut as a writer and director in 2014, Suzad Iqbal Khan has made a good number of films and has worked with stalwarts like Asrani and Narendra Jha. In this interview, he talks about his journey into films, the film closest to his heart, the experience of working with veteran actors and upcoming projects.

How did you develop an interest in films?

I am from a small town in Kathua district in Jammu and Kashmir. I studied in an army school. I was selected in NDA after clearing the SSB examination. When I was in college, I thought of coming to Mumbai and make a career in films. I was participating in skits and plays since school. I was interested in direction and writing. After coming to Mumbai, I got the opportunity to assist Ram Gopal Varma in Rakta Charitra. I also worked as an associate with Ramesh Deo on a couple of projects. During this time, I got interested in cinematography. I did a few documentaries after that. I made my debut as a writer and director with a film called 'Monsoon' in 2014. I made a comedy with Asrani called 'Murari The Mad Gentleman'. The, I got the opportunity to work with Narendra Jha in 'My Friend Iqbal'. I did two films in 2017 'Lau' on the education system in the tribal areas. I did another film on the surgical strike after the Uri attack. The trailer of the latter will release in the next couple of days.

Out of all the films you have made, which is the closest to your heart?

'Monsoon' was my first film, so it will always be close to my heart. 'My Father Iqbal' has been my most creatively satisfying film till date.

You have worked with seasoned actors like Asrani and Narendra Jha. How has been your experience of working with such stalwarts?

The experience was very good. When I did 'Murari The Mad Gentleman'. I was just 27. Asrani was very punctual. I got to learn a lot from both Asrani ji and Narendra ji.

What would be your advice or suggestion to people who want to come to the industry to try luck in the movies?

Practical knowledge of your craft is very important. You have to meet the right people and build a good network. There are many new producers in Bollywood. But convincing them to finance your film is very difficult. Every producer wants stars in his films but that is not possible. Ideally, people should be encouraging towards new talent but that happens very rarely. Every filmmaker should approach a producer with a good script and should have enough confidence in his abilities to deliver a good film.

Can you share about your forthcoming projects?

My next film 'Madhubani' is based on Madhubani paintings. There is a place around Patna, Bihar where Madhubani paintings are made and sold at a very high price in other states. My film is about the artistes and the kind of lives they lead. There is a lot of scope for drama in it. There is a lady called Geeta Devi whose character is being played by Seema Biswas ji in the film. There is another film which is based on the life of an Indian soldier and a Chinese soldier.

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