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Interview with Vivek Oberoi ("Prince - It´s Showtime")
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He is one of the hottest actors of bollywood who started out his career with hits like “Company” and “Saathiya” and Vivek Oberoi continued giving hits thereafter.

Vivek made a niche for himself in the industry with films like “Yuva”, “Masti” and “Omkara” in his kitty in a very short span of time. However for quite some time Vivek’s career was sliding down but the actor re-appeared in a commendable role in his last film “Kurbaan”.

However, Vivek will be soon seen making a solo come back in the forthcoming film “Prince – It’s Showtime” after a long hiatus. A Kumar Taurani Film, “Prince – it’s showtime” is produced under the Tips Films and directed by debutant Kookie.V.Gulati. “Prince – It’s Showtime” is a thrilling tale full of twists and to find out more about this flick, we interviewed Vivek Oberoi. Here are his responses:

“Prince – It’s Showtime” boasts of some thrilling action scenes. Tell us more about this film.

The story of “Prince – It’s Showtime” is based on a quick-witted thief, who wakes up one morning to realize that he has a gunshot on his arm and has absolutely no clue about how he gets it and he also can’t remember who he is. However, he does finds out that his name is “Prince” and he used to work for a person named “Sarang” and also that his girlfriend’s name is “Maya”. This is my solo film after a long time and I’m hoping for positive results.

How was it working with the makers of film “Race?”

I would love to thank Mr. Kumar Taurani for making this film brilliant. He has made several top notch films under the Tips films banner but “Prince – it’s showtime” is surely going to be a different one compared to what you’ve seen before!

So what makes it different from other action cum thriller films?

Well all the action scenes have been shot beautifully by debutant director Kookie.V.Gulati. Moreover, most of the action scenes in the film have been made in Hollywood style which the audience will be seeing for the first time.

Since it’s an all action flick? Do we see you competing with the action guru Akshay Kumar in Prince?

Hey, Akshay Kumar is god and incomparable. But I confess I’ve done some dare devilry stunts in my film which I had never done before. “Prince – It’s showtime” is my first action film and will showcase me in a new avtar. It’s a story that could be every man's fantasy and every man's nightmare.

The 3 actresses are adding some extra glamour to this film. What do you’ve to say about the 3 hot beauties?

They are wonderful girls to work with. We used to have a blast during the shoot and of course all 3 of them are really good looking!

A little birdy told us about a hot steamy kissing scene between you and Aruna Shields. How many re-takes of this scene happened or did it come naturally?

Well if you know, this was my first kissing scene ever so obviously it didn’t come out naturally and we had to do some re-takes.

Tell us about your upcoming films?

I’m currently doing Ram Gopal Varma’s film Rakta Charitra and two other films in pipeline.

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