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The audience will be curious about the title of the film before coming to the theatres Mousam Sharma
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Like several people in the country, Mousam Sharma discovered his true calling when he was studying engineering. After doing theatre for a couple of years, he got his first film and is now awaiting the release of his second film 'When Obama Loved Osama'. In this interview, he talks about the film and his journey as an actor so far.

The film has a very interesting title. What was your reaction when you first heard it?

I got to know about the title 'When Obama Loved Osama' before reading the script. I knew it was going to be a comedy but I was curious about the plot of the film. I wondered they would actually talk about Obama and Osama in the film. I think this curiosity will be there in the audience's mind as well when they come to watch the film.

Tell us something about your character in the film.

I play the character of Aman Osama. Aman is a big fan of Nana Patekar and is very emotional. Whenever he gets hurt emotionally or somebody taps at the back of his neck, he turns into Nana Patekar. He does things which he does not remember later. After that, he faints or if somebody taps again on my neck, I come back to my senses. There is a crazy doctor in the film whose meeting with Aman acts as a major turning point in the film.

How did you think of becoming an actor?

I was studying engineering in Chandigarh. It was then when I discovered my love for acting and I started doing theatre with Mahesh Sharma sir. Then, I moved to Delhi and did theatre with the Living Room group run by Sarita Vohra. I got my first film 'Hum Hai Teen Khurafati' when I was twenty-two years old. I gave the auditions and was selected for the film. Acting in theatre and in films are two very different things, so working in a film was quite an exciting experience for me.

What's next?

I have just shot for a web-series. We have not decided on the title yet. It will probably come out in April or May.

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