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"I am really excited taking 'Da-Bangg The Tour' international" - Sonakshi Sinha
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How do you feel associating with 'Da-Bangg The Tour', curated by Yaju Vaghela, The Chocolate Room, and taking it to an international level?

No words can describe how special Dabangg is to me and I love live performances, so I am glad that one of the biggest International Tours of 2017 is called Da-bang which is similar to my debut film. I am really excited taking it international and eagerly looking forward.

The NRI audience will be hoping to see the magical Jodi of Salman & Sonakshi perform live together again.Can you give us a sneak peek of what your special act will be?

We are working on the creatives so the audiences will have to come to the show to watch but I assure you that if the dabangg jodi is together again it will be great.

Which are the classic Bollywood chartbusters of yesteryear heroines you would like performing to?

I just performed to my favorite yesteryear songs last year at IIFA, I used to love dancing to Hawa Hawai as a kid so i performed a tribute to sridevi ji. In my film Force 2 there was a remixed version of Kaante Nahin Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for it. I love some of the yesteryear hits , I'm up for performing to all the hits of The 90s because thats what weve grown up listening to and im really happy that they are making a comeback! There is also a reprised version of gulabi aankhen in my upcoming film Noor which is outstanding.

Will the NRI audience get to see a special performance by you that will showcase the culture of India?

We are planning on doing something on our songs together, We have done many hit songs together all I can say is the audience will love whatever they see.

Which international performers do you like?

I enjoy watching the shows of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. Their production value is always outstanding and they are all rounders when it comes to entertainment.

Do you have any plans of working in Hollywood?

As of now No, I'm very content with the work i am doing here. But if something really interesting came my way i would give it a thought just as i do to all my projects here. But i am definitely not chasing it.

Sonakshi is associated with a carefree, confident and 'Dabanng' attitude? Were you always like this as a kid?

Yes, I have got these traits from my dad. My father always told me till the time you are honest you should be fearless.

You are associated with the maximum 100 crore films. Do you consider yourself to be the lucky charm for the producers?

Thanks for saying that for me but I do not think you can give only luck credit for the success of these films. All the films which did well, did so because it struck the right chord with the masses. It is the hard work of a great team transpiring on screen and I am happy to have been a part of these blockbuster entertainers.

Can you share something about your forthcoming films?

Coincidentally, my next release is during the Da-Bangg tour on 21st April. In Noor, I play a journalist. It is a sweet, slice of life film. I am very excited for it and it is a role which is very close to my heart. After Noor, you will see me in the Ittefaq remake opposite Sidharth Malhotra. For the first time I am playing a grey character. The audiences has never seen me play such a role before, so I am excited about that as well.

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