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Classic non-filmi albums: Tum Yaad Aaye (Raju Singh, 1997)
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Music : Raju Singh

Singer : Alka Yagnik

Lyrics : Javed Akhtar

Audio Release : 1997

Overall album rating: 9/10

Bollywood music has been the most popular form of music for various generations for eons in India. Barring the commercial Ghazal singers (Jagjit-Chitra, Rajendra-Neena Mehta et. al.), Indian janata has typically thrived on the music that has been associated with a movie. In recent years however, the non-film albums have also caught on … thanks to the remixes of the old songs that are now a part and parcel of us hard-core Bollywood fans. “Tum Yaad Aaye” belongs to the non-film genre. Some of the songs from here that were picturized as music videos on some channels at the time were quite popular when the album was released in 1997.

The music for all 8 songs in the album is by Raju Singh (who came into the spotlight recently with two compositions in the best selling soundtrack Raaz: The Mystery Continues…), with lyrics by Javed Akhtar. The interesting thing is that Javed Saab gives a short prelude at the beginning of every song setting the stage for what follows …

NUGGET: It is said (I am quite sure I heard Javed Saab say it in an interview) that he had reservations about Alka Yagnik rendering all the numbers – but he was totally blown away by the result!

The album opens with “Goonj Raha Hai .. Gehri Neeli Shaam”. Not sure why they decided to open the album with this number. In my opinion, it was a very sombre song with a rather flat tune, compared to the rest of the album. Song rating: 6/10.

The next song is “Pyar Mein Humne Kya Paya Tha” and the album goes uphill from here. Soulful lyrics where the woman is thinking about her past love and trying to come to terms with what she has lost and gained in life. I especially liked the slight pause in music (with only the flute playing) every time Alka said “Chhodo Ye Ab ------ PAUSE ----- Jaane Do-o-o-o”). Song rating: 9/10.

“Sanwali Si Ek Ladki” is the only peppy number in the album. It’s about a woman waiting for her love. Fast paced and well-sung, the real beauty of the song is towards the end as she realizes that the beloved is not coming back. The pace of the song slows down and the “Intezaar Karti Thi” becomes “Intezaar Karti Hai” as Alka-Ji trails off ….. Song rating: 7/10.

“Sare Sapne Kahin Kho Gaye” – awesome song! This was the most popular, and arguably the best number of the album. Surprisingly, there is hardly any use of percussion in the song. I remember it was picturized on Smriti Misra when it was doing the rounds in the music video circuit. Great tune, simple lyrics, superbly sung with a lot of feelings. Song rating: 10/10.

“(Saagar Se Bhi Gehri Hain) Tanhaiyan” – another gem in the album. A sad/romantic song, going with the rest of the mood of the album but not overly sad thankfully! The echo effect in the song, as she croons “Tum Kahan, Tum Ho Kahan” is the highlight. Brilliant! Song rating: 9/10.

“Tum Nahin To Jaise Mere” is a fast-paced sombre number. After several listens, the song still did not grow on me. The medody seems inconsistent.. jumping from a fast-moving to aalap-based slow lines. I have nothing against variety in the pace of the songs (I absolutely love “Allah Ye Ada kaisi Hai” from Mere Humdum Mere Dost), but somehow this song just didn’t do it for me. Song rating: 4/10.

“Tum Yaad Aaye” is another slightly fast-paced number although it’s all about the fond memories of the beloved as the title of the song/album suggests. I wish they had opened the album with this song, but I think they may have wanted to set the mood of the album as a sad one. The Spanish Guitar is used beautifully as the song moves to the second antara. Lyrics are superb as the whole gamut of the surroundings are covered .. “Jab Raat Ne Rang Chhalkaye”, “Jab Mehke Shaamon Ke Saaye”, “Jab Mausam Jhooma Lehraya”, ‘Jab Rang Naye Kaliyon Ko Mile”…...Song rating: 10/10.

NUGGET: Every line in this song starts with the word “Jab” – wonder why the song was not titled “JAB”?

“Zara Zara Si Baatein” – another one of my favorites from this collection!! In this song Alka-ji remembers her beloved and reminisces the time spent with him. The lyrics are simple, yet effective (“Koi Banake Bahana, Mere Ghar Ko Tera Aana, Har Shaam Milne Ke Liye” …). A relatively fast-paced song with good use of the synthesizer, and hopefully you won’t have too many situations in your life to sing this song. Song rating: 9/10.

Overall the album is meant to be about reminiscing – and it does a fine job at that. Some songs are slow, some fast paced, one peppy number that slows down at the end – but the essence is the same “Tum Yaad Aaye” and very well captured !!

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