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Salman Khan shines as an actor in 'Tubelight'
- Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Special Correspondent           Let us know what you think about this article

Salman Khan has completed his three decades in Bollywood with 'Tubelight'. His success as an actor and a star has been a mystery for media and critics. He has been mostly bashed by critics for his acting performances over the years and it has been rare when his film have been appreciated by media. His movies keep doing well at box office and this charismatic star truly enjoys the loyalty of his fans. As an actor, he is natural and effortless. You have not heard him preparing for the roles except Sultan and Tubelight. He has grown as actor over the years and has done different kind of roles. He has found success in every genre of films be it in romance, comedy, action, family drama and emotional characters.

The media has been really unfair to him by stating that he does not try difficult characters. 'Tere Naam', 'Kyunki', 'Phir Milenge' and 'Tubelight' have been some films, where he tried something different and gave his best as an actor but somewhere these films did not meet with good box office response except 'Tere Naam'. His fans want to see him in more heroic roles with strong characters. At this stage of life, Salman Khan doesn't need to prove anybody and can experiment with his characters and do different kind of films. He should not be bothered with box office failures for trying something different. He is moving in the right direction. He can do one film for his satisfaction as an actor and one film for meeting the expectations of his fans.

'Tubelight' is a sweet film but there is too much sugar coating to it. The film is too preachy on belief of faith. Today generation needs to be preached in practical and logical manner like Raj Kumar Hirani films. Kabir Khan as a film maker fails in the film and screenplay lacks the punch to touch the audience. Salman Khan as an actor has done wonderful job in the film but his character is weak and not heroic types and his fans feel let down by it. This movie will do really well at television. The movie has few beautiful scenes. The chemistry between child actor Matin Rey Tangu and Salman Khan is fun and enjoyable. We could have had few more scenes between them. The relationship of Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu could have been developed better. The sub plots can be made engaging and are better than too many songs in the film.

Salman Khan has put a lot of effort for this role and shines in it. Some critics have thrashed his performance and being really unfair. This is no doubt it is one of best acting performances from him. He has started playing emotional characters well. The age has matured him with lot of bitter experiences in life and he is emoting well now. Salman Khan Stardom is affecting this film more because the character Laxman Prasad has taken over the star. The film may not be big box office success like his past films but has given good graph to him as an actor. When he looks back at his career several years down the line, this will be a character and a film that will make him proud.

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