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The critics' review of Tubelight is unfair
- Pankaj Kumar Sinha, Special Correspondent           Let us know what you think about this article

Salman Khan starrer 'Tubelight' may not have been a great film but it is a decent, sweet film for the audience. The critics have been unfair in trashing the film badly in their reviews. It looks more of a personal vendetta on the superstar Salman Khan. They are not happy with the continuous success of Salman Khan at the box office. The critics want his movies to fail at the box office. The film critics need to judge film from the audience point of view and not from their personal judgement. Most of the Indian critics tend to compare Indian movies with Hollywood or from literary angle. They need to understand movies are made for entertaining masses.

Taran Adarsh and Komal Nahta can be rated as the best film critics in our country. They review the film in right perspective. Raja Sen, Sukanya Verma and Rajeev Masand are the worst film critics of our country. What are they thinking when they are reviewing the films? They live in their own La La land of writing reviews. They have been brought up watching Hollywood films. Do they understand emotions of Hindi films which are made for the masses? The movies and books are different. As a writer, you can be literary but not in films. The same film is watched by an IT Guy in a multiplex and an auto driver in single screens. The film has to justify in entertaining all kind of audiences in the country.

Our media has also been unfair to film stars. They tend to ask political questions to actors. Is that fair? The media also needs to be questioned in the country. The government is ruling the country not the media. You get a feeling that television media is not giving news but enforcing news to the country in a wrong manner. The film critics need to be careful in reviewing the film. The film making process is not easy and they have multiple departments in film making process like writing, cinematography, music, marketing etc. When the movie is reviewed, the critics need to capture their view on all departments of film making. We all understand that the film maker is the captain of the ship and he plays most important role in film making process.

The critic's review can kill a film at the box office so critics have responsibility towards the film industry. Most of the people in the film industry do not take critics seriously and it is the fault of critics also because they have not been responsible enough. How much film critics is helping film industry earning financially more for positive reviews? 95% films gets bad or average reviews by most of the critics. I never understand the rating of 1 or 2 for a film by critics. We should have audience rating for critics. Let us take an example of 'Tubelight'. Cinematography is excellent. The background score is good. The music is above average but suits the sensibility of the film. The performances of actors are good. The art direction is good. Dialogues are above average. The film fails only at script and screenplay level. Is the rating of one fair on the movie 'Tubelight'? Is credibility of critics in our country is questionable?

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