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“I want to be one of the best playback singers this industry has ever produced†- Harshit Saxena
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Harshit Saxena, the runner up of Amul Star Voice of India in 2007 and who was also heard in Tees Maar Khan’s 'Happy Ending', talks exclusively to Gianysh Toolsee about his song ‘Hale Dil’ in Murder 2, which releases on Friday 8th July 2011.

How did 'Hale Dil' happen?
I’m composing since childhood. My mama and friends always gave me some words and I composed in a seconds. I didn’t even knew that I was a singer because I danced a lot, won so many prizes and I came to know about the singing when I was in 9th or 10th may be. I was in a modelling group, so my team mates wrote my name in one the national singing talent hunt called Lucknow Mahotsav. I participated and became 1 of the 10 finalists I didn’t win because I didn’t know any other song. After that I won 4 years in a row the same Lucknow Mahotsav. So from there I stared singing. I wanted to sing something big as my dream is to become a playback singer. I went to Vishesh films and told them about my compositions, which they heard and liked.

That’s how I got 'Hale Dil'. They always liked my voice because they heard me in Voice of India competition on TV as they came as a celebrity judges. Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt liked my voice, committed me a song, so that’s how I sang 'Hale Dil' because they always wanted me to sing this song.

The song has climbed all the charts. How does it feel as a singer-composer?
I’m feeling like on top of the world because even before the release, the song has climbed the charts in every radio FM, sites, music channels and became No.1. I thank everybody for making my song such a big hit. I can’t ask for any more. Also being a singer and composer, it satisfies me even more.

Do you find it hard to make a leap in Bollywood as a main playback singer?
Of, course it’s very difficult. There are so many reality show singers, playback singers, new fresh singers. This industry is blessed with so many talents; it’s just that whenever opportunity comes, you have to hit it and hit it hard. I want to be one of the best playback singers this industry has ever produced.

Would you be taking assignments as a composer too?
Don’t want to reveal now anything I think I’m a singer first as I came as a singer in this industry and I want to continue like that only. But yes, if I get something I’ll definitely do that because whichever ways it’s the voice that matters. I want to sing more so that all the music directors will come to know about my voice texture and give me work because it’s my dream to work with all such talented music directors.

You have shared credits with the three composers. Is thing something you are okay with?
Absolutely! I even love all the songs of the movie and they are very close to my heart. Industry has changed a lot; you have to be at your best to get even one song in the film. It’s all about the talent now.

What has been the response to your song?
I got some huge responses from the radios, music industry, playback singers, fellow singers, music companies, music directors and last but not the least all my fans. I got some calls from some big personalities too! What can I say more; I’m living the best part of my life till now. Moreover I’m very happy to make my parents proud.

Who are your favorite composers?
There are so many; the two legends R. D Burman and A.R Rahman. I also like Pritam Da and Jatin – Lalit.

Do you do a lot of stage shows abroad too?
Yes, I did so many even I don’t remember. I come from the reality shows; I’m the finalist of reality shows called Voice of India, Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar and Music Ka Maha Muqqabala.

What are your next projects?
There are some very good projects but as I say before I can’t reveal now because I always believe in "Jab kaam ho jaye tab hi uske baare mein baat karo".

Where do you see yourself in 3 years' time?
One of the best playback singers in the industry!

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