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Using technology to take Indian cinema to the next level
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With mega success of regional film ‘Baahubali’ at the box office, the Indian film industry looks to be ready to make films matching Hollywood standards. The Indian film makers need to take more risks because the audience will reward them with success at box office. The taste of the audience has changed over the years and today's movies are the best source of entertainment.

Movie goers at theaters have increased and people are watching movies every weekend. They don’t limit themselves to only movies of their own mother tongue. They are watching world and regional cinema. If India builds more multiplexes and single theaters, the audience is likely to grow further. What the audience needs are good movies on a regular basis. As of late, new stories are being told and the audience has been accepting it with open arms. The success of heroine oriented films also has been encouraging for Indian film makers.

India is also doing extremely well in the IT Industry. It has some of the best software engineers working around the globe. Technology has advanced at every level. The usage of the technology is happening in every industry and space. Times have changed and India’s dependency on technology has increased and with that the films have also become technologically advanced.

Rakesh Roshan and Shahrukh Khan are the pioneers in Bollywood to make greater use of special effects and advanced technology in their films Koi Mil Gaya, Krishh and Ra. One. But film makers are not going to the next level. Indian film goers would like to see movie like Mission Impossible, Avengers, Jurassic World or Spiderman made by its own film makers and starring its own actors.

Yashraj Films, Dharma Productions, Nadiawala Grandson Entertainment, Filmkraft Films and Red Chillies Entertainment are the big production houses in the country and they need to bring the technology revolution to its films. Taking such risks can result in failure at box office but that should not discourage them. The younger audience is techno savvy and they have greater expectations re special effect films. The budget for such films will be high but India needs to take its cinema to more countries. It will need to do more marketing and branding for its films at international markets.

India also needs to build more cinema halls at the second and third tier cities in all the states. An increased number of screen count will result in better returns. The marketing campaign for the movies needs to become more innovative and should go beyond media interaction. The processes of making films have to be constantly challenged and more innovations have to be brought in.

The south film maker Rajamouli has become a trend setter with films ‘Magadheera’, ‘Eega’ and now ‘Baahubali’ in usage of technology but he also had good storylines with each of his film. The movie will never be successful only with special effects if not complemented with good story and screenplay. Rajamouli is a brave film maker and kudos to him for taking such risks. But you don’t become great by just remaining ordinary. ‘Baahubali’ has taken Indian cinema to the next level and everyone associated with that film should be really proud of themselves. However other film makers need to take note and continue this new beginning for Indian cinema.

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